What’s The Big Deal?

What’s The Big Deal?     Why do I talk about grace all the time? Why the hype? What’s the big deal? These are questions asked by those who don’t quite understand this truth. If a person “gets” it, there’s no way he/she can keep quiet about the wonders of it all.   A friend […]

Catch Up With JulieMoore On Life

Well I slipped over here to check on this blog and found there’s lots of activity going on here. Wow I’m surprised since I haven’t posted in months! I’m posting over at GraceFull Women. Hoping all those checking in here will mosey on over to GraceFull Women and see what you think. Some good news […]

Will You Pray This Prayer?

Lord, this day is Yours and my life is Yours. May each step I take leave an imprint of Your glory; may each word I speak leave an echo of Your love; may each deed I do leave the fragrance of Your presence.May my hands be an extension of Your mercies, may my heart be […]