Catch Up With JulieMoore On Life

Well I slipped over here to check on this blog and found there’s lots of activity going on here. Wow I’m surprised since I haven’t posted in months! I’m posting over at GraceFull Women.

Hoping all those checking in here will mosey on over to GraceFull Women and see what you think.

Some good news is that I published my first book A Lasting Legacy. I’m also a staff writer at Christian Women’s Online Network Magazine and I’m writing for our church/community newsletter monthly. God has blessed me beyond my imagination.

The family is doing great. Hound and Chelle, the newlyweds, are working and going to school. The Fox has begun working on her PhD while she holds down her job as a teacher. And The Train is working hard and long but we enjoy time together every evening.

I’ve got some new Tv shows: Alcatraz, The Voice, and we’re still watching Survivor, House, American Idol, watch out for Phillip Phillips and Parenthood. Recently I gave up on Days of Our Lives. At first it was easy but the longer I don’t watch the more curious I become as to what is happening. Strange.

Also tried to lose some more weight. Went on a healthy nutritionally diet and lost a few pounds but the first taste of Kate’s birthday cake and the addiction to sugar began all over again. I really thought I could eat just one piece and be fine but this proved to me that sugar is an addiction. An addiction I am having a hard time kicking!

I have acquired many new followers over at GraceFull Women and even have a facebook page. Found out women like to give testimony to what God has done in their lives so now they have their chance on my blog. Go by and read the testimonies, some of them you won’t believe, but do believe it. God is in the miracle business of changing lives.

Well that’s a brief recap of Julie Moore On Life. Thanks for following me here and I hope you’ll join me there.


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