Spiritual Perfection: Can It Be Acheived?

take off your masks

The mask of perfection is so hard to wear because it is one of the fakier masks. Why is it hard?
Because no one is perfect and keeping up this pretense takes so much work.

I’ve always known I’m not perfect in the homemaking department, wifing (is that a word),
mothering, or working departments either. But in the spiritual department I strived for perfection. You could call it self- righteousness I suppose. I saw the Bible as an instruction book to follow to a tee and I and my kids were going to do just that.

So every effort was made to teach my two children and myself God’s ways. If we stepped out of line God was sure to “get” us in some way.

I think I wore the mask pretty well as I taught Sunday School and other women’s Bible studies. There wasn’t a clue that I struggled. But I did. Every day. Somehow I thought if I told anyone I had struggles with sin they wouldn’t believe what I taught was true. And if I couldn’t follow God perfectly maybe they would slip off the road themselves. So if they thought I had it all together they would believe it could be done.

Then there came the day when the mask of spiritual perfection crumbled. I didn’t even have
to take it off, it just fell off. My life fell apart from one end to the other. Perfection was no longer something I cared to strive for. All I wanted was to survive.

I made it through with God dragging me all the way. Then He revealed to me perfection was unattainable until I got to heaven and  pretending was useless. I was finally able to see myself through His eyes and I saw myself as beautiful, imperfections and all.

My God opened this hurting heart and gave me a glimpse of His love for me. I never  really understood His love. I had spent so much time trying to earn His love, a love I already had, that I didn’t take time to bask, to rest in it.

After the spiritual perfection mask crumbled I was free from the chains that had held me captive for so long. I was free to be me.

And being me is when I’m the best because my Father designed me this way.


  1. I wrote about the same thing today. In fact, I found this blog looking for an image to accompany my own blog post. It’s so great to know that there are people out there who see the same things I do and refuse to play by the rules.

    God bless!

  2. Hi, dear Julie…always teaching us… yes, masks are very present in our lives just to show something we’re not and God knows it! So useless and yet so difficult to get rid of… As for your question on my blog, actually, God is translated DEUS. “Sir” is used to refer to somebody in formal way, like when we say “yes, sir”. When we refer to the LORD, then we say SENHOR. Hope I could explain it to you…but don’t worry; your comments are always a blessing to me! Thank you for stopping by again. 😉

    • Thank you for explaining Tatiane. it is so interesting to try to learn new things about a new language. When I have it translated its not exact English but it gives me a good idea of what you are talking about.

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