A Valentine Story: The Girl and the Hippie

 I’m also posting over at my other fav place Christian Women’s Online Network. Read my front page article Is There Perfect Love? Enjoy this day and remember God loves you so much.


Wedding Day

In the year 1979 a young 15-year-old girl went on a blind double date with a good looking, long-haired, popular guy from school. She really didn’t know how to act as this was her first date. They went to a drive-in movie where they saw Meatballs starring Bill Murray.

After this date the two fell in starry eyed love. The girl’s parents were not too excited that she had gotten so serious so young but agreed to allow her to date the “hippy”, as her dad called him, IF he would get a haircut and take the loud muffler off his car. Which he did because he wanted to date the girl.

They dated two years to the day and got married August 1, 1981 with one stipulation from her father, she had to graduate high school. Which she did, proudly, and only missing 51 days of school! Can you believe the school system allowed her to graduate anyway?

They lived life together, had two children, moved to two states other than Georgia and even lived in Germany a year because he was stationed there with the army.

These two grieved together over the loss of parents, animals, aunts, uncles and various other things. They rejoiced over healings, salvations, triumphs of their children and each other. They supported and loved each other as they walked and sometimes ran down the hardest roads any two people could travel. But they did it together.

These two sweethearts have never given up, held on for dear life,  sat and listened, laughed and cried, fought and made peace, forgiven and made a life they adore. But the greatest gift the two have given and received is love, love that only a loving God could implant in their hearts for one another. This love has and will endure, this love will grow old together, this love will hug grandchildren one day, this love accepts one another, this love protects, gives unselfishly, is kind and everlasting.

This life and this love is mine. The man I love and live it with is my husband Ed. I am thankful for all God Himself has given us together. Happy Anniversary baby!


  1. What a beautiful story! We all start off with young love & pray it will develope into a real love story like what happened to this couple! God’s beautiful love carried them through it all! This is what Valentine’s Day is all about!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You definitely beat the odds because so many marriages don’t last , especially ones where the couple starts out so young. What a beautiful love story!

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