It’s Amazing What A Change In Eating Can Teach you

English: A Hostess CupCake, shown whole.

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After a week of practically no carbs, sugar, dairy and meat I’ve learned a few things.

1- Veggies cooked in olive oil are pretty tasty with a little seasoning.

2- I have to really use my imagination to get variety in this type of diet.

3- God answers prayers like, “I feel like I’m starving but I’m really not so please make it stop!”

4- When I really want to rely on God for strength I can do. For something like this, willpower just isn’t enough.

5- Willpower just isn’t enough!

6- Trying to keep myself and hubby eating like this is harder than I thought. But together we did it. I don’t know if he prayed for himself but I prayed enough for both of us I think.

7- Having a box of Hostess chocolate cupcakes in the house is not a good idea at a time like this. Almost had a relapse but we stared the box down then put it back in the pantry. No! They are not in trash where they belong. Hubby will not let me throw them out.

8- Hubs will get desperate when a sweet tooth attacks and cherry cough drops become like candy to him. Hall’s cough drops!

9- I can cook fresh cabbage and it tastes pretty darn good.

10- This type of diet is a natural system cleaner outer. I was in the bathroom for the first 3 days!

11- Eventually the stomach does shrink a little and smaller amounts of food satisfy.

12- It is harder to get back on a diet after you’ve gone off for one meal during your brother’s birthday party where Mudslide cake was served and while you waited for your piece you literally felt your mouth watering and you wanted to help your sister-in-law cut the piece faster because you couldn’t wait much longer. Then you ate the entire piece of chocolate heaven….

13- But I did go back to the healthy way of eating the next day and prayed some more for God to do it again and He did. He is so good.

By the way I lost between 4 and 5 pounds!



  1. Congratulations, my friend! Changing our eating habits is definitely not easy (this coming from a hungrier and hungrier pregnant woman who has been struggling in order not to eat all the junk food in the world… lol)! I’m sure you have a good reason for doing this and the weight you’ve lost has to be more than an encouragement (to all of us)! God bless you. 😉

  2. Good job! This is a major weakness for me right now and I am also finding willpower is simply not enough. Have you heard of the book “Made to Crave” by Lysa Terkeurst? I just got it but have yet to start it…I’m a little scared, I love having my Starbucks!

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