When Bad Things Happen To Young Girls by Anonymous

When I began asking women to give their testimonies I had no idea where God would take it. Today’s testimony is raw, real, with some tough words and hard content. Read it with the knowledge that this world belongs to the enemy and horrible things happen to good people. But remember too that our great God brings good out of all things for those who love Him. Romans 8:28. My friend wishes to remain anonymous but just know her life is a blessing to all who know her and Jesus shines brightly through this beautiful godly woman. He truly has made beauty from ashes.

When I was a young girl I put myself in a really bad position, the result of which ended in being raped. This event in my life happened over twenty years ago and until recently I thought I had completely healed. Until I ran into the step brother of the man who had committed this horrible act upon my person; in of all places church.

I was what you would call a church girl. I became a Christian at a very young age and was very active in church when this event happened in my life. My family never talked to me about sex. My father never warned me about men. Instead I was accused of things I hadn’t been doing. To be completely honest I was not even interested in most of the things I was accused of. Hanging out with the wrong kind of people having sex, using drugs, and drinking alcohol just wasn’t my thing. I heard a lot about “whores”, that was what my family called my friends who were sexually active. Pretty judgmental for a preacher, isn’t it.

I decided at the age of sixteen if I was going to be accused of these things I should try to find out what they were all about. Not too smart for a church girl huh? I completely tried to block out the voice of God. To be honest it didn’t work, it just got louder and louder. His voice of warning was everywhere. I started acting like the world. Began smoking pot, hanging out in bars, (I looked much older than my age and had no problem going to places I shouldn’t have been), and got curious about sex. I thought, “If I’m going to be accused of doing it, I might as well do it.’

I had been talking to a guy, well man, hanging out with the teen crowd. (A very good place to find young girls with daddy issues.)  My parents went out of town and I had some people over. I was a victim of a very vicious date rape, so vicious that when I got him out of my house and the door locked behind him, I had to crawl up the stairs to get back to my room and bathroom. When I went to the bathroom there was blood everywhere and pain, lots of pain.

I grew up in a very legalistic home and church. I thought all the things I mentioned above would send you straight to hell and I knew I would be seen as a “whore” so I never spoke up. It was more important to me not to be seen that way in the eyes of my parents than it was to see this man brought to justice.

I have had many friends over the years and it deeply saddens me when we talk to learn 90% of them have a story like mine or worse. No one ever speaks up. WHY? Why do we let shame take over?

I recently asked God, “Can you punish him for what he did to me?”  His answer, “I forgave him; he was punished for what he did to you a long time ago.”  I have no idea how he was punished, but I know the Bible says vengeance is mine saith the Lord. Surprisingly I had no anger that he had been forgiven. Thankfully I learned about God’s Grace. I had been forgiven. Now I am learning to forgive myself. That is what God wants me to do, to believe in His grace and let it go, and give it completely to Him.

What happened to me and others like me isn’t by God’s design. It is by the devil’s design, who comes to steal kill and destroy. I could choose to let him destroy me and stay a victim or I can choose to be a survivor. I choose to be a survivor and let God heal me.

It is our prayer that if you have had a similar experience as that of my friend you will turn to the Father in heaven for healing. Also you may need to share your story with a close godly friend or a good counselor. For special prayer or information about counselors in your area email me at gracefullwomen@gmail.com.

If you want to encourage my friend please leave a comment of love for her.


  1. God’s grace is truly amazing. His healing, His redemption and His restoration are beyond words. Praising God for this story and how He will use it to help others. You are right: TOO many of us don’t speak up and so many suffer in silence. Thank you for your courage to speak, and thanks Julie for providing the vehicle for the message.

    • Thanks Amy for your love and encouragement. It means alot when someone takes times to give a good word and praise God for His work in the lives of hurting women.

  2. A moving testimony to the power of forgiveness…including the gift of forgiving self.

    • Forgiving self IS the hardest to do isn’t it? Seems like we can get to the rest but this part holds us back. So glad God has forgiven all and because of that it leaves us nothing to forgive. Amen. Thank you for you sweet comment. My friend needs encouragement and kind words.

  3. Your courage and your trust in God through all of this is very inspirational! Thank you for sharing your story- I have shared before in the past about painful events and I know it takes a lot out of someone to do that- the only thing that made it worth doing was hearing that doing so helped others as I believe your story will do as well. Stay strong and God bless you!

    • Thanks for encouraging my friend. She is in hopes that this testimony will help others share with someone, anyone. it has helped her to talk about what happened to her.


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