No Resolutions Here, Just Some “Want To’s”

January 1, 2012

As I write that date it seems like it just can’t be! Where has the year gone? I have thought about this New Year and wondering what resolutions I will set. Haven’t thought of any yet. But there are some things I’m considering:

1-     I want to open up this blog to more women. Some women need to write. It is healing. Some women want to give testimony to what God has done in their lives. This is the place to do just that. It can be done anonymously if they prefer. Not everyone feels comfortable telling their tale and then signing their names to it. Will you share your life’s testimony somewhere, somehow this year?

2-     I want to do more lifecoaching. The coaching I do now is challenging and rewarding but I would like to financially contribute more to my family’s income. I do plenty of pro-bono coaching but I’d like to get my career off the ground this year. Can you use your passion or craft to help contribute financially to your family’s income?

3-     I want to get physically fit. This will require planning ahead for meals which I do not do now. And that treadmill in my bedroom, I need to be getting on it every day. Is there a physical improvement needed in your life?

4-     I want to continue to grow spiritually. This year I think I have grown so much closer to Him. I’ve learned to pray and hear God more and I read His Word from a view of His love and grace. That alone has changed my relationship with Him. Pray I continue on this path. Do you want to know God more?

5-     I want to be consistent in making my love known toward my family and friends. I take their love  for granted. I want to do something about that this year. Not sure what yet but I think it’s called attitude adjustment. Got any ideas of your own?

6-     I want to be Spirit led every moment of every day. My life and those I come in contact with will be eternally changed in some way if I did this. Has the Spirit of God  made a difference in your life? Care to share?

7-     I want to become more organized at home. The list here could be ten pages long so I’ll just stop it here, but you get my point. Ahh this one I need help with so if you have a beginning point for me please leave me a message? Help!

8-     I want to motivate and inspire women to live out of who they were created to be. This can be done through teaching, coaching and mentoring. What’s your passion and do you plan to use it to help others this year? How?

9-     I want to read more BOOKS. I read articles and blogs from the computer, magazines and such all day every day. I need to read books. One rule of thumb for a writer to be a good writer is to read lots of BOOKS. Got a hobby you want to pursue? Let’s hear about it.

10-  I read this somewhere the other day, “If you had one hour to speak on television what would you speak about?” Interesting thought huh? I’d tell people God loves them. This confirmed to me what my true calling is… It’s nice to be able to rest in that. The thing is I can do this from almost all of the other 9 “wants” I just wrote about. Kinda cool God. What would you talk about?

What do you “want” in 2012?



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