Jesus Forgave the Unforgivable

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Jesus took what was unforgivable and made it forgivable. That’s grace. The Skit Guys on GodTube. Couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s always about Him and what He did. It’s never about us and what we can do to “get” God to forgive us for our sin. Grace is…

My Prince Has Come!

My Prince Has Come She laughs with him, they dance . They twirl and her gown flows wide. The glass slippers are elegant and perfect. The ballroom is crowded but they are alone. He sees her deeply. She longs to see him that way too. She wonders if this is real or a dream. But […]

When Bad Things Happen To Young Girls by Anonymous

When I began asking women to give their testimonies I had no idea where God would take it. Today’s testimony is raw, real, with some tough words and hard content. Read it with the knowledge that this world belongs to the enemy and horrible things happen to good people. But remember too that our great God […]

God’s Grace In My Great Loss by Kristina Haury: Part 2

When I read the second part to Kristina’s story and look at this precious picture tears fill my eyes as I am reminded of how great, graceful, precious our God really is to us. But it also thrills my soul to no end at the love He has for us, a love that  knows no […]

God’s Grace In My Great Loss by Kristina Haury

Today I hope you will welcome with open arms my beautiful friend Kristina Haury. I say beautiful because she is, inside and out. God has shown His amazing grace in and through her life and she shares about it boldly and brightly. I can’t wait for you to read about this part of her story. […]

Is Grace Really Amazing?

Understanding God’s grace may take me a lifetime but I am sooo thankful He wants to reveal it to me more everyday. You see, grace was given to me at salvation. God didn’t give me what I deserved which was death and hell but He gave me the gift of eternal life. And as awesome as that is […]

Prayer of Complete Praise and Surrender…

A sweet friend and mentor sent this to me through email today. I thank God for the godly women He has provided for my spiritual growth. Jan is one of two friends responsible for my having discovered the message of God’s grace through Jesus and my identity in Christ. Salvation changed me forever but it was […]

I’m Posting At Christian Women Online Today. Check it out…

Leave It All Behind “Leave it all behind. Leave it all behind.” I’m listening to these words from Casting Crowns latest song The Well. Singing in my best Mark Hall imitation voice, I revel in Jesus willingness to take all my burdens on Himself while replacing them with His love and strength. Yet… I know […]

Has Your Ship Sailed?

It crossed my mind as my son and I talked about his college education…. how can I expect him to know what he wants to do with the rest of his life NOW when I have just found what I want to do with mine at the age of 47? Strange how our expectations of […]

Maybe It’s Not Your Storm by Tammy Durrence

Today I want to welcome back my sweet friend Tammy Durrence. She ministers to women from all walks of life and has a family of her own. Tammy shares with us a message from God’s heart to hers. Get comfy and see if you can relate…           Sometimes, especially as women, we find ourselves caught […]