My Boat Story Part 2 by Joni Hyde

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This is the second part of Joni Hyde’s Boat Story. Everyone so enjoyed the first part so settled back for a few minutes and read about the lesson God taught her and the awesome illustration He used to do it.

Late in the summer, our family was going to go on a much needed vacation as we had not been on one in about 4 years.  I thought this was perfect timing as I envisioned God giving me a revelation on some things needed for the bible study. After all, He led me to do this didn’t He? So I figured He would do what I wanted, when I wanted it.  I was really excited about the trip for this reason. As usual, God had other plans. However, a few days before we left God gave me my first lesson.

There are essentials needed when going rafting.  A Boat. A guide. Life jackets. Headgear. Oars.

Have you ever been rafting down a river with rapids and dangerous waters? We trust the guide as he knows where the rough spots are. He typically knows the river’s path because he has been down it so many times. The headgear protects your head in case you fall out and hit a rock. The Life jacket keeps you afloat in case you go overboard. The oar helps you steer and keeps you from veering off path, and finally, the boat keeps everything together.

On the river, we trust the guide, the boat, the oar, the life jacket and the headgear. We feel safe with all these essentials but on the river of life, we can’t depend or trust in worldly things that will pass or fade away. The guide will retire, the boat will wear and spring a leak, the life jacket will be weathered and won’t support us, the headgear will wear thin from abuse and the oar will break or rot. These will not last and will wither away sooner or later. So why do we continually trust in material things instead of our Heavenly Father?

What if we got out of the boat and onto the waves with Jesus, as He is our Guide, He knows the river and all about us, and He knows our every need. Our life jacket should be the breast plate of righteousness, the head gear is the helmet of salvation and the oar is His word. If we would put these on while we are going down the river of life, when we hit the deep waters, the rapids, the storms and the waves, we can know God is with us and will never leave us.  Isaiah 43:1-5 “

God is with us; until the end. So what are you going to do? Are you going to stay in the boat and miss out on what God has planned for you?  Or, are you going to get out of that boat and see the amazing things God can and will do for your life, if you will just surrender. He has a plan for you, He has a plan for me, He has a plan for all of us!

After I realized God’s plan and His gift of this lesson to me I was able to go to the beach and enjoy His creation and relax with my family.

Little things. Wow! Simple IS Powerful….

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