Mama, Josh Groban and Last Night’s Christmas Tea…

I went to a women’s event  last night. They played our song “You Raise Me Up”. I sat there in that chair watching beautiful teenage girls dance to every word but I really didn’t see them. I saw you. Thoughts of you encompassed me. Thoughts like “I was so blessed to have her as my mother.” “Thank You God for giving me my mama.” “Oh I wish you were sitting here with me even so I know you can hear Josh Groban belting out this song.” You loved Josh Groban.

I imagined others wondering why I was crying about teenage girls dancing. But they didn’t know our secret. They didn’t know how much you did raise me up so I could stand on mountains. And they didn’t know that I can only be raised up by your memories now because your gone. And sometimes memories don’t seem like enough.

God gave me this special moment with you tonight. I have thought of you all week but had not taken the time to just sit down and remember. I didn’t want to remember the last week of your life, it still hurts too much. But He put me in a place where I was focused on you for a few minutes then reminded me of how blessed I was to have you in my life for the time you were with me. I’ll love you forever, my baby you’ll always be. I still have this book and cry every time I read it.


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