What’s This Georgia Girl Want For Christmas?


What does a sweet Georgia gal want for Christmas?

This one wants her car detailed and filled up with gas. I get too cold standing out there doing it myself.

This gal would like to have dinner cooked for her once a week for 6 months, I need to be giving these hands a break and soaking them in Palmolive.  Think I can find Madge, (Showing my age a little for some of you but if you can figure this one out your darn near or past my age)

This sweet Southern Belle would just love dinner at a fine dining restaurant that she DID NOT have to pick out. Anybody know what I mean?

This gal wants fluffy house shoes. Big fluffy house shoes! Makes me feel warm, luxurious and my dog loves to follow me around and chase the big fluffiness.

This sweet girlie girl would love to have the carpet pulled up in the bedroom and replaced with linoleum. (Help Lana or Tim) These are my able bodied  in-laws who are much like Superman and WonderWoman.

This exhausted  woman wants a  weekend retreat with hubby the mountains. I just need to clear my mind from all the stress of housework, lunches and coffee with friends and reality Tv. It just gets to be too much sometimes.

This southern fried mother wants a Kindle Fire and Amazon gifts cards to buy some reallly awesome books for it. I need to expand my mind and continue my addiction to books.

This half blind gal needs new specs and cool ones at that. None of that nerdy stuff. I have triple focal glasses  now and haven’t been to the eye doctor  in 3 years. Just wondering can they squeeze 4 into one little lens or what will I do? And will it be cool?

This lady needs new  underwear and they better not be granny panties. That’s all I got to say about it.

I love books, pens, notebooks, journals so get this girl a gift certificate from Books a Million or Barnes and  Noble. Perfect for a book geek. Again feed the need.

This is a biggy: I would like my dog groomed. However I want someone else to take him and pick him up. I’ll pay for it I just WANT someone to take him and  bring him home. This is not a have to situation but a dream come true. I hate this chore.

The  most  excellent present anyone could give me is that of joy and peace. And Jesus has already given me that one. For my family and friends  I want                   God’s gigantic love to invade their hearts. I want them to realize it’s not about them loving Him it’s about them  accepting His grace and love. Just opening up their hearts and holding out their hands to accept the best gift in the world. What an answered prayer and Christmas miracle that would be for me.

What’s your Christmas miracle look like? Or share an item from your list?



  1. From one southern gal to another…your post made me smile!

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