The Resolution by Darlene Minshew

Darlene is a friend and ministry partner. I so love to read her heart because she’s honest and real. This post is another example of her willing spirit to follow God. Read about her New Year’s resolution and see how it compares to yours. Thanks Darlene for sharing with us today. My New Year’s Resolution […]

My Boat Story Part 2 by Joni Hyde

This is the second part of Joni Hyde’s Boat Story. Everyone so enjoyed the first part so settled back for a few minutes and read about the lesson God taught her and the awesome illustration He used to do it. Late in the summer, our family was going to go on a much needed vacation […]

My Boat Story by Joni Hyde

Welcome my friend Joni Hyde today. She is a precious woman of God sharing her heart with women in the church and community. Today she shares the story of how God called her to teaching a lifegroup at our church earlier this year. Joni illustrates that if we are listening God is always speaking to […]

Mama, Josh Groban and Last Night’s Christmas Tea…

I went to a women’s event  last night. They played our song “You Raise Me Up”. I sat there in that chair watching beautiful teenage girls dance to every word but I really didn’t see them. I saw you. Thoughts of you encompassed me. Thoughts like “I was so blessed to have her as my mother.” “Thank You God […]

What’s This Georgia Girl Want For Christmas?

  What does a sweet Georgia gal want for Christmas? This one wants her car detailed and filled up with gas. I get too cold standing out there doing it myself. This gal would like to have dinner cooked for her once a week for 6 months, I need to be giving these hands a break and soaking […]

A New Life For Christmas

Hey Friends Our view of God affects our lives in profound ways. A girl’s relationship with her father can affect her relationship with the Heavenly Father. We often see Him in the way we see or our daddy here on earth. I wrote an article about it over at Christian Women Online Network. Go on over […]

Christmas With A Little Grief

Grief and the Christmas season sometimes go hand in hand. Real grief plays itself in every day life just like we see in this story written for a Story Dam prompt. Alma sat at the large wooden antique dining table staring at her hands. They were dry, cracked and showing some wrinkles. The gray in her muddy […]