Thankful For Forgiveness

I’m thankful that I don’t have to get up every morning and make a list of my sins and beg God to forgive me for them. He’s already done that the day Christ Jesus my Savior died on the cross and bore every sin for all the world. He bore the punishment and paid the penalty for ALL sin Col. 2:13-14 so you and I could be free from it.

I mean what happens to those sins I forget to put on the list? Surely I could never know EVERY sin I commit. What about fear? Fear is worry, worry is doubt and doubt is a lack of trust. All these are sin. Are these on the list? Or are these things that would be left out and if so what happens with those sins? If I don’t ask for forgiveness am I just not forgiven and if I’m not forgiven then what? Do I have all this sin still hanging over my head standing between me and God. And if so then why did Jesus even die? The Bible says He died to pay for the sins of the world. If I still have to live under the condemnation of sin and shame etc. because I don’t know all my sin then why did He die? It seems maybe it was for nothing. Romans 8:1 does say that I as a believer am no longer under condemnation meaning my sin is judged, taken away and I am a new creation in Christ.

On the other hand if I know all my sin has already been forgiven past, present, and future Col. 2:13-14 then I don’t have to fret, fear or worry if I have forgotten to ask for forgiveness of certain sins. They have all been paid for right? Does this make sense?

Seems too good to be true doesn’t it? Our Father in heaven is so good, awesome, and full of a love that is not comparable to human love. Never could we understand why He would sacrifice His own Son for us to pay the debt of death we owed for sin. I would never sacrifice my child for you or anyone else. My love does not go that deep for you or anybody not even my husband. But God’s love for us is that deep and deeper still. It is a love that we can only accept not understand.

I urge you to let go of those things you have begged God to forgive you for and rest assured as a believer in Christ you have already been forgiven. Accept what Jesus did for you and know you are whole, not under condemnation and free to walk in peace of mind. Know also that those sins you cannot remember or do not know about are forgiven too and to live life wondering what will happen if you’ve not made amends for them is a waste of time and energy. Jesus has made amends for them. He died once for all and then sat down at the right hand of the Father. He finished the work needed to pay for sin. Hebrews 9:26, Colossians 3:1

Well you might say, “Doesn’t this give me a license to sin?” We can look at this two ways. One way is that you can sin all you want and live a life for the world and miss out on the abundant life here on earth Jesus talked about in John 10:10. But in trying to do that you as a believer will be MISERABLE. You are now a new creation, Christ lives in you and you have a new nature. It goes against the grain to live in sin. You will be pulled apart trying to live a worldly life. I’ve tried and only succeeded for a short time before it nearly killed me. I could not stand the misery of living away from my Father. It’s like the story of the prodigal son. You can go out and party, sin and live in the world for a time and then you hit the bottom, and come back home. The Father is always there to receive us when we come back to Him.

The second way to look at this is that once you realize God’s love for you is sooo great you begin to love Him right back. Out of that love you WANT to live FOR Him not AGAINST Him. He becomes life to you and you live out of His abundance. I’ve also done it this way. I have to say this is the way to go. This is where I am now and my life is the best it’s ever been even though the struggles still come, heartache comes and goes and circumstances change all the time. His love never fails and because of His love my love grows stronger every day. Therefore my walk with Him gets stronger too. Where are you now?

I say all of this not to say you shouldn’t confess sin. But confess sin and ask Christ in you to give you the power to turn away from the sin and thank Him that He’s already forgiven you for it. He has given you everything you need for life and godliness so it is with His power in you that you will be victorious over sin in your life. 2 Peter 1:3

Thanksgiving is a time of thankfulness but I am thankful every day for the complete forgiveness I have been given in Christ Jesus my Lord. Amen and all glory and honor to Him.


  1. Yes! What freedom there is when we confess and then ask for the grace to accept the forgiveness which He secured for us through His sufficient sacrifice on the Cross! I hear a song coming on … What wondrous grace is this …

  2. My dear friend Julie, you hit it just right! Gods Grace is just like his Love……NEVER ENDING!
    Love you!

  3. God Bless you and your family for Thanksgiving. We started going back to church two weeks ago. It feels right and Jesus is blessing our family through some tough times.

    I’m so glad I can come here for your talents and kindness.

    • I’m glad too. and I’m very excited for you and your family that you are back in church. I look forward to more from the story of Millicent. She’s bad but intriguing. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Well put. Love the end. People seem to have a hard time with this. Love the way you explained it. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  5. Yea! I finally figured out how to comment on your new blog. Silly me! Love this post — you know some of my story so this is an area with which I struggle. Thanks for the perspective and reminder, Julie!

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