How To Find Your Uniqueness

What is it that’s unique about you? Do you have a unique gift or talent? Is it that mesmerizing storytelling you do? Is it your uncanny ability to see into a person’s soul? How about your flare for style? Do the words you write minister to hearts? Are children drawn to you? Does your paint brush flow beautifully across the canvas? Are you a natural leader or a “get her done” behind the scenes kind of gal?

Whether you can see it or not God has created you uniquely special to contribute something great to your world. Your world may be your home, office, community, church, family, or friends. Think about your sphere of influence. That’s your world.

The key to finding your unique gifts and talents is to think about what makes you passionate. What career would you choose even if you received no pay for doing it? You’d do it just because you love it!  I’m doing mine right now. I write… a lot, for free. So I write whenever and wherever I can. I also have a passion to teach others so I do it. Only the Lord could place such strong passions inside me and because I love Him I follow His lead and do it.

Another way to find your uniqueness is to listen to what others say. “You’re a really good listener.” “Thanks for encouraging me. I feel so much better.” “Thanks for helping me solve this problem.” “We all think you should take charge of this project.” “I needed prayer and I knew you were the one to call.”

If you hear the same things over and over it could be confirmation of a certain gift. Be aware of how God is using you in the lives of others. I have the gifts of encouragement and pastor/shepherd. God uses me to help encourage others to see their worth and value and to give them support in life. It can be overwhelming if I don’t set boundaries but He is guiding me through that process. What do others say about you?

There is no greater joy than sharing your passion with others. They are blessed and God is glorified through you. But sometimes I wonder if what I do is done in vain because I don’t see results. I begin to doubt. However, doubting is a lack of faith. A lack of faith weakens the passion for my calling. The enemy is happy and I am on my way to defeat.  I’m thankful my Savior Jesus Christ is greater in me  than he that is in the world. 1 John 4:4 So it is when the Holy Spirit reminds me of Who’s I am and why I’m here that the doubt subsides. Faith takes over and I begin to live out of the passion inside me again.

Join me and many other unique women around the world in living out your passions for God’s kingdom. I promise you will not regret moving ahead on this one.

What are your unique gifts and talents and how is God using you in your world? I’d love to hear about it.



  1. My pastor has been preaching on this same topic. He also shared, our gifts from God, should bring glory to God. However, our talents, bring glory to ourselves. What are your thoughts on that? Curious.

    • I agree. I think the Holy Spirit gives us gifts with which to minister to others. and it brings such joy. But I also think God gives us talents which we are born with and we can choose whether we glorify ourselves or use them for His glory. just like writing. I can choose to write for Him and about Him or for myself. So glad you came by.

  2. I love your comment, “Think about your sphere of influence: That’s your world.” My small group is going through “The Faith” by Chuck Colson and he refers to using our gifts, time and energy for God’s glory in our sphere of influence as our “Cultural Commission.” I love that!

  3. There’s the parable in the Gospel of Matthew about the Master giving one 5 talents, one 2 talents, and 1 one talent. Its interesting to ponder on how did the talents flourish? The one with 5 traded his and received 5 more. The one with 2 did the same. So to trade with another they had to go out into the community, give all they had to another and receive back the blessings of the other’s talents but theirs back as well. When we give away the gift of our talents we receive back the blessings of another’s talents. But the one with 1 talent went off alone and buried his. He didn’t share it, give it or receive back the blessings from the giving. So that’s how we live the Kingdom of God…we give away out talents and receive back the blessings in the giving! Thanks for your post!

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