Life Interrupted by Jennifer Hembree

Join me in welcoming my friend and Women’s Minister Jennifer Hembree today. I’m so thankful for the testimony and joy Jennifer shares with us all. I know you’ll enjoy her post today and I hope you’ll share it on your Facebook with others.

A few years ago, my husband and I were enjoying a comfortable life when God decided to interrupt our lives. He changed our course forever when He prompted us to step out of our comfort zone and whole heartedly honor and serve Him.

We decided to forget going on a cruise we were planning and instead go on our
first mission’s trip together to Albania, then the poorest country in Europe, in 2006. We chose to surrender our plans and step into the unknown in faith to follow Christ and obey what He wanted to do through us. In preparation we prayed for God to do something so great that only He could get credit for it. We had no idea what He had in store for us! But, we did know God had opened our hearts to something bigger besides our own selves.

We went with the idea of meeting Joni, a boy our church Bible study group had been sponsoring in the orphanage in Saranda, Albania. Through our sponsorship he received some of the daily necessities he needed and enjoyed birthday and Christmas celebrations. However when we arrived, Joni wasn’t there. He had gotten injured and would not be returning to the orphanage. That’s when the providence of God orchestrated something only He could do.

My husband and I were introduced to a new, 11-year-old boy who had just arrived at the orphanage a few months earlier. He did not have a sponsor. In the same sentence, we were told “and he is adoptable.” For the first time, the word “adoption” entered into our lives. Now, five years later, we have two adopted sons through the power of God’s action in our lives. (More on this story next month!)

While thanking the Father for the adoption of my sons He brought to mind His marvelous adoption of believers. God’s Word is full of Scripture detailing our adoption. The moment we put our faith in Jesus, He forgives us, and God now sees us through the blood of His Son who paid the price for all of our sin. God’s purpose is to undo the effects of sin in the lives of His chosen ones—those who decide to follow Him. We become joint heirs in Christ and gain an eternal inheritance.

Through the adoption of our two teenage sons, I now have a deeper understanding of the amazing love God has for us. He sent His Only Son to die on the cross to defeat evil and give us a way to be rescued out of the darkness and into the light. Our adoption into the family of God is possible because Jesus purchased it on the cross. Jesus died to pay the debt for all the destruction, rebellion, anger, and dishonesty so that He could open up the door to invite us into the household of His heavenly Father. (Galatians 2:19, 4:4-7, 5:1; Ephesians 1:4-5; Romans 8:29; Colossians 1:26-27; II Peter 1:4; Hebrews 2:11; I John 3:2). God, the Father, predestined us for adoption through Jesus Christ!



  1. I love your testimony, Jennifer! It is amazing how God interrupts our lives in order to introduce us to our destiny.

  2. joni Hyde says:

    I love it when we tell God stories! He is an amazing God who’s love is just like his Grace, never ending!!!
    Love you Jennifer….
    And love you Julie Moore…..thank God for the friendship!

    • Joni, Thank you for commenting. You don’t know how much it means to read your uplifting words. It gives us encouragement to continue the journey. I truly wish others would comment more often. Love you too girl.

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