New Photography Technique. What Do You Think?

Ok tell me what you think of some new techniques I’m learning in photography.


This is a church we passed by while on the tour bus through Charleston. I chose this part to highlight because I loved the shape of the architecture of the windows and door. I added texture and did some other editing in Picasa 3.



This was a quick shot in Charleston as we rode by on a tour bus. I looked down an alley and loved the look. After texturizing, cropping and some other stuff this is what I came up with. Kind of looks like a painting now huh?


This is a bridge we passed over in Charleston. I added a texture technique which makes it look like it has rain droplets on it. This pic started dull, out of focus and in fact I took it through the windshield. Look at it now! Cool isn’t it?



  1. Hi, Julie…
    Those pictures are so beautiful. Another talent God has given you. Good job! I also loved what you wrote about your closet, so true: our Lord has many ways to make us look inside ourselvels and clean out the clutter.
    God bless you!

  2. Julie,
    First of all, I have so much respect for artistic people and secondly,WOW! The picture of the alley in Charleston is my favorite. How long did it take you to edit the photos? what inspired you?

    • I played around for 30 to 45 minutes or so in a program called PicNic and that’s what I came up with. I love structure so when I saw the alley I quickly snapped the shot as we drove by. Thanks for stopping by Misha and for taking an interest.

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