Day 18 Taking Off Masks: It’s Ok To Ask Why

Welcome my friend Tammy Durrence. She has a testimony that will knock your socks off. And she gives God the glory  for everything. I love her honesty about her feeling as she went through the hardest time of her life. Leave some comment love for Tammy at the end of this post.

I went through a tremendous amount of trauma having my youngest son.  Six month later I was diagnosed with Melanoma.  I underwent many tests followed by surgery.  Just a couple of months later my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  While adjusting to these new changes my oldest son went through extensive testing. He was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.  All this happened in a little over one years’ time. 


I had seen God’s hand in every trial and felt his arms around me, but after the battle, I was exhausted and angry.  I loved the Lord, but I did not want to speak to him.  I continued to stay in the Word every day, but I just could not bring myself pray. Then I felt led to go to a women’s Bible study at Eagles Landing First Baptist Church. This  was a huge step out for me especially since I was not a member and did not even attend that church at that time. 


The Lord continued to soften my heart  and one day as I was getting ready to go to Bible study I started  praying.  Standing in front of the mirror I asked God, “Why me, why did I have to go through all of this?” That was the first time in a very long time that I heard the Lord’s voice.  He said, “This was not your storm, just like it was not Noah’s storm.”  I of course went straight to the Word, and for the first time,
the story of Noah had more meaning than a man loading up a boat full of animals. 

God revealed to me:

 It was about bringing the knowledge of the Lord to the world no matter what our circumstances.

It was about being obedient when those around us are not.

It was about raising those under us with His knowledge and His love.
 It was about letting His Glory and His Majesty shine when there were nothing
but storms around

In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. 1 Peter 1:6

Send forth your light and your truth, let them guide me; let them bring me to your holy mountain, to the place where you dwell. Psalm 43:3

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