31 Days Taking Off Masks: Day 14 “I’m Fine” Mask

A "What Would Jesus Do?" (WWJD) bracelet

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“I’m fine”. I say this a lot even when it’s not true. I pretend everything is fine even when it really isn’t. This mask is worn by most every woman I know. We don’t want to burden others. Besides do they really want to know when they ask, “How are you?” Do I really mean it when I ask?


In this day and age we don’t take the time for one another. Life is hurried and busy, hardly time to eat much less  stop and have a real conversation. Now I’m gonna ask a question you probably won’t like. “What would Jesus do?” Are you annoyed? I don’t mean to be cliché but really what would He do? I see Him in the Bible taking time for everyone around Him. He so unselfishly gave of His time and love. I think if He walked by me and asked,”Julie how are you?” He’d mean it. He would actually want to know, although He would already know because He is all knowing. But He’d do it because I needed someone to care. To give me a kind word. To lift me up.


I’m not saying we tell every Tom, Dick, Harry and Jane all our problems but tell someone how you really feel. Tell someone who cares. And let’s help others take off their “I’m fine” masks by listening when the Holy Spirit leads us to ask the question, “You okay today?” If He leads there’s always a reason.


I need to slow down and listen when God tells me to stop and care. I need to be open and stop and share. He gave us each other so we could build one another up and encourage one another to take that next step in life, whatever that might be.


Go ahead and take off the mask, lay it down, set it on fire, and let someone care for you. It’s not the plan that you suffer alone. Share your burden today with the one God placed in your life… you know the one. Just be real and tell her how you really feel right now.


  1. Hey, Julie…I’m Tatiane from CWO comments, remember? Your website is wonderful! This post of yours, beautiful and clarifying, as usual. Thanks for the tip: the “I’m fine mask” is probably the one we wear the most but we must know who to take it off to. “A man that hath friends must show himself friendly:
    and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.” – Proverbs – 18:24
    God bless!
    P.S.: I’d love for you to visit and follow my blog but it’s in Portuguese (I’m Brazilian) … do you speak or understand a little Portuguese? If not, take a look, see who I am… Can you email me, so I can give you the link?

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