31 Days of Taking Off Masks 10: Invisible Fear

Invisible fear



Fear is one of those masks we wear but we wear it invisibly. No
one wants to admit to being afraid. Admitting fear means weakness. Right? No
admitting fear means HUMAN. Everyone has fear but not everyone lives enslaved
to it.

Some of us have fears we’d never want anyone to know about so we
suffer alone. In silence. Underneath a mask of fake happiness. The enemy has
you right where he wants you. In fact he most likely gave you that mask and led
you to that place of pride that says, “No one can know about this. What would
they think?”

Shari what we worry about helps us through the process
of finding a way to deal with things. However if we don’t share we can’t start.
Tell a friend, a spouse, a counselor, a loved one, tell your Heavenly Father.

1 John 4:18 so beautifully tells us “perfect love drives out
fear.” The only perfect love is God’s love. His love in you, which is Christ in
you, is absolutely perfect, healing, consoling and empowering. His love in
you can and will take that fear away. How? Ask Him.

Pray Scripture: Talk to Him

Father Your Word tells me perfect love drives out fear. I
believe You so I need You to drive this fear away, uproot it from my soul and
get rid of it as only You can.

Father You Word tells me that You do not give me a spirit of
fear but of love, power and a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7. I call on You to take
this spirit of fear out of me as it is not of You and empower me with Your
love, power and a sound mind.

In Jesus Name, Amen.


A prayer does not have to be long and wordy. It can be if that’s
what you want, but God doesn’t require it be that way. He just wants to know your
heart. How do you feel? How much do you hurt? How much you need Him? What do you think of Him? Simple prayer is simple conversation with God. Don’t make it
complicated. Just talk to Him.


The mask of invisible fear is easy to wear but hard to live with isn’t it? Admit fear, bring it to the One who can drive it out and throw that mask down so the Real You can shine through to the world.

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