31 Days of Taking Off Masks: Day 9 Pretending to Forgive

A mask

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I wear a mask pretending I’ve forgiven a certain person. It’s a great mask, all nice and pretty with a smile attached every time I see her. But when I see her I’m just not sure I’ve relinquished full forgiveness because I still really don’t want to be around her too much. (No it’s not you)

This has gone on for a few years and yes I’ve prayed about it and asked for God to help me love her. And I think I do. I don’t wish her any harm but unfortunately I don’t shout for joy over her victories either. Will you ever read my blog again now that I have been so honest?

I’ve tried at times to pull this mask from my face but it is attached very well. Tugging and jerking hard it comes off and healing begins then as time goes by I remind myself or the enemy reminds me that holding a record of wrongs is my prerogative. So I reach in my bag and take it out again. And I’m behind my mask of pretending while all the time I’m still in unforgiveness mode.

So is there anything I can do? Nope. Not really. As hard as I might there isn’t  one thing I can do to get rid of this ugly thing.

But there is Someone who can. I suppose you’re tired of hearing it but Jesus in me wants to rip all these masks off so I can be the REAL ME, the AUTHENTIC ME. I may have to love her the way she is, accept her where she’s at, let Him love her through me cause I can’t do it. I might even need to let Jesus change ME.

I may have to apologize. I MAY have to bless her! I MAY have to pray for her! I may have to minister to this woman. We all have those sandpaper people who come into our lives and rub us the wrong way. But thanks be to God He doesn’t waste one single minute of the despair they might have caused us.

Romans 8:28 He will bring something good out of the bad things for all those called according to His purpose. That’s you and me fellow beloved believer.

Masks just aren’t worth the trouble. They hold us captive to being someone we really aren’t. So I say “Will the real me stand up?”

Colossians 3:12-13 Let Him clothe us in His forgiveness.



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