31 Days of Taking Off The Masks: Day 8 People Pleaser

I’m trying something new. 31 days of posting ina row. I’m linking up with other 31 Dayers who are posting about many various others topics. I discovered this link up today when I read Emily’s post over at Chatting the Sky.

My 31 days will be entitled 31 Days of Taking Off The Masks. Kind of fitting for October don’t ya think? Here’s my  new pic that goes with the this challenge.

I’m 8 days behind but I didn’t see a deadline on when I could join in so here goes.

Day 8 of Taking Off The Masks

Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ. Galatians 1:10

Just wondering do you wear masks? Are you aware of it? I still do after all these years. Still. I say that in a uggh way because after all I’ve learned about God’s love and grace you’d think mask wearing would be something of the past.

I found myself just yesterday worrying if I had hurt someone else’s feelings. Deep down I knew I had handled it very well and with integrity but that “people pleasing” mentality reared it’s ugly head once again. “Are you sure you phrased that the right way?” Did she sound upset?” “You better call just to make sure cause you don’t want anyone mad at you.”

Ridiculous huh? Well sometimes its hard to teach an old young woman new tricks. I spent most of my life trying to please everyone around me, making sure everyone “liked” me and breaking that cycle has been hard.

So I actually gave in and called. Apologized. Found out I had nothing to apologize for, which is what I knew deep in my heart anyway. My friend was not in the least offended or hurt.

The mask of people pleasing is a hard one to pull off but it has to be torn away. I am accepted by my heavenly Father, loved so much by Him that He gave His own Son for me. This mask has to be destroyed in order for me to live fully and completely in surrender to Him. Other wise I will be torn in two directions. Do I please God or men? This has to be settled because God has great plans for me and if I go back to wanting man’s/woman’s acceptance I will be keeping that plan from being fulfilled to completion.

Am I alone in this or is there anybody else who can relate to this People Pleasing Mask stuff? Speak up and share with us.

I really, really want to know what you're thinking so leave a comment.

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