Deodorant and The Holy Spirit

Roll-on deodorant Rexona "Degree" brand

Image via Wikipedia

Have you seen the commercial about Degree deodorant with motion sense from Wal-mart? The push to buy it is “the more you move the more it works”. Then the scene goes to a man telling his wife they should try it. Next we see the couple dancing at a party, her arms raised as she dances and him smelling her underarms. He says,” It’s working.”

I wonder what would happen if we let the Holy Spirit move in us? How much more would He work? I think sometimes, most times, we stifle Him because we forget the power God placed inside us as believers. We jump out of bed, get on with the day and take on our battles alone.

What if we asked the Spirit to move in us? What if we let Him work freely? I’m just thinking out loud but the thought has occurred to me that the more He moves the more He’ll work in and through us.

From my experience it’s absolutely awesome to know in my heart He’s working.

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