What Is A Woman Worth?

The Past
Life’s about making everyone happy. I try but fail miserably. And do they let it slide like I do when they mess up? No way. They make a point to let me know just how bad I loused everything  up. I only hear the negative not the positive. The thing is I never try to hurt anyone it just comes off that way sometimes. It’s as if when it doesn’t turn out the way they want it to then I have purposely let them down. I bury this anger, resentment and bitterness. A hard shell builds around my heart causing numbness. I wonder what would happen if I did let it out. I have on occasion and an explosion erupted. Explosions are not good for a relationship so I continue to bury my feelings.
Fast forward to about 4 years ago.
It finally sank in that my God loved me. Oh I knew He gave His Son to die in my place but I struggled to live a Christian life. I was missing something. The missing piece was the love. I didn’t have it for the Father and I wasn’t clear on His unconditional love for me. Upon really getting a grasp on this truth, my worth and value began to take shape in my soul. I was created by Him for a specific purpose and I was His child precious, beautiful , holy and righteous in His eyes. I was still imperfect to the people around me but my attitude changed from “I need you to accept and love me” to “I’m me and you can love and accept me or not.” The chains that held me bondage most of my life were broken and I saw myself as one who had the choice to say “no” if I wanted. And I didn’t even have to give a reason for saying “no”. Wow! What difference the love of God can make.
When I began to be filled by Him instead of trying to be filled by the people around me I walked taller, more confident, spoke without wavering, and no longer straddled the fence. I knew what I wanted and went for it.
Living abundantly is not about wealth and riches, although that may be part of the blessing, but it’s about being me, the real me, the me I was created to be. It’s about Christ in me giving Himself to those around me.
What’s a woman worth? She’s worth God’s Son, and that makes her priceless.
Send me your story. I’d love to post other testimonies of  Grace Full Women. What’s
your worth?

I really, really want to know what you're thinking so leave a comment.

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