My Trip With Mostly Crazy Women

I took a short trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains this week and came back with some good mountain shots and some stories about crazy women.

Blue Ridge Mts.

I’m really amazed I was able to get these shots because Big Mama and Control Freak were arguing over whether we were going to follow Lucy the GPS or Big Mama’s mapquest print out. We did have our own tour guide aboard. Big Mama could drive, show us the sites, smoke, talk, scream at Bug Hater and Control Freak all at the same time while driving up the Blue Ridge Mountains. I sat silently wishing for a Zanax.

BugHater sat in the backseat giving pointers on how to drive all the way up there and screaming that Big Mama was gonna drive us off the side of the mountain. She stayed hot the whole way and  I had icescicles hanging from my nose because the air conditioner was on high.  Little Ole Sweet Talker just kept calm and kept right on talking  about everything that came to mind. It’s a wonder Sweet Talker or myself, The Forgotten One, have any sense at all. I’ll explain this name for myself later. Just think “invisible”.

Apple Barn lunch

The food we consumed could feed a whole village. It really is shameful, but it was delicious. This is my lunch from the Apple Barn. Chicken dumplings and you can’t see it but I ate the best corn muffin too or maybe I ate two. From here we shopped and shopped then ended up at the Dixie Stampede where we enjoyed a great show and dinner. A huge dinner which we ate with our hands. No utensils here! It was a real experience.

After this busy, exhausting yet fun day we retired to our rooms to watch Survivor and the Big Brother finale. Bug Hater and Sweet Talker shared a room while I got stuck with Big Mama and Control Freak. Imagine that.

Big Mama doesn’t watch tv she reads her Kindle. It seems Control Freak and I were bother ing her with our Survivor show. “Can you turn that down?” Control Freak, “Your reading what does it matter?” “Just one notch?”  Under her breath,”Ok but I don’t see what it’s hurting.” B.M., “cause I can’t concentrate to read ok!”

I just slipped a little further down under the cover, not that anybody notices. I’m the “forgotten one” in the bunch. After all who cares what restaurant I want to eat at, or what time I want to get up and leave, or if my food is good, or if my hair hurts? Nobody, I’m just invisible.

More coming about my trip with the Crazy Women of my family. But I love’em so much!

I’m linking up with Story Dam for the Meet and Greet. This is my new writing community go over and check it out.



  1. This is too funny! Gotta love friends and family, don’t you? This reminds me of several family gatherings… even not taking trips. Thank you for the smile.

    Glad you are linking up on Story Dam! Looking forward to more. 🙂

  2. Thank You for linking this up from Story Dam, I read this while picturing myself and my four little sisters 😉 Everything fit us to a ‘T’. So funny!
    ….and now I am craving chicken and dumplings!

    • Thanks Brandi. Can’t wait to get started with Story Dam. A little nervous but excited.

      • wanted to stop back by to let you know… I am a wee bit nervous myself, along with being really excited 😉

        it’s okay though, we can hold hands when we take the plunge 🙂

        • Thanks for that Brandi. That makes me feel so much better. I need a friend through this new adventure. I’ve done Write on Edge but they didn’t really give much critique so I feel like I’m really gonna be putting myself out there by doing this. But it’s all to become better at what we do right?

  3. I love the names you have given everyone. It makes me wonder about the names my own family would come up with for each other. I look forward to seeing you around story dam and thanks for stopping by my blog.


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