30 Days of Shamelessness: Number 1

I’m taking on a challenge from Lance My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog, 30 days of shamelessness. We are writing about what we might normally be shamed of  but  saying it’s OK and we’re OK even though we might be a little quirky, eccentric, weird, different etc. to be that way.  Well that’s what I’m saying. However I’ll admit I have areas that need to be changed and I’m willing to change SOME of them.  I’m very much behind in this challenge because of the wedding… ok really I am a procrastinator…. sometimes. One  of the things I do wish to change.

Anyway pop on over to to my new blog Pics, Prayers and Pompoms and find out what I feel shameless about today.

A few more wedding pics at the request of my friend Susan from Coming East.

Me, The Fox and The Hound

I’ve never seen The Hound so happy as he was this day.



  1. Ok, so are a “shorty” too (like me)? Or is your daughter tall? Beautiful family! Congrats again and I’m on my way to your new place. 🙂


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