My Rescue Story By Jennifer Hembree

God reached down from heaven & chose me to be His daughter when I was 5 years old. Yes, that seems so young. Yet, I remember it as if it were yesterday. My Sunday school teacher & I knelt down at a chair at my church, & I prayed to accept Christ in my heart. Sunshine beamed through the window of that small room, & I remember running through the hallways pulling on the coat
tails or hugging the legs of everyone that I came in contact with that Sunday morning so excited to tell the news!

I had an incredibly, loving, & supporting family & grew up with daily prayers offered up for my life by my parents & grandparents. However, I doubted my salvation because I didn’t have one of those dramatic testimonies of a wild life, hitting rock bottom for Christ to save. Around the age of 14, I gave my life fully to Christ & was baptized.

The next summer, I went on my first mission’s trip to Haiti, the poorest country in the world at the time, for three weeks. I was a part of a dynamic church family who loved me & cared
for my spiritual growth, & the talents & gifts God had given me. I am forever thankful for all the men & women who had such great influence on my life.

A couple years later, I went to the altar & told God I would go wherever He wanted me to go to be used by Him to fulfill His purpose & plan through my life. If it was Africa, I would go!

Still, selfishness interfered with God’s work in my life. And, after the death of my grandmother just after my high school graduation, my heart was so broken & hurting. My beloved
friend & prayer warrior was gone unexpectedly. I went off to college & began choosing my way instead of God’s way. It got me in trouble. But, thankfully, through God’s sovereignty & power, He rescued me & brought me back to Himself. He set the captive FREE!!!

I would not be fulfilling the calling on my life if I had not had challenges & hardships along the way. Adversity in my life led me to my destiny!

I am Jennifer Hembree, & I am a RESCUE!


  1. 😀 Oh I have tears. I adore this post. What a beautiful testimony!

    Love this. 🙂

    • Hi Vikki~
      What a JOY it is to live in the fullness of Christ! I’m thankful you were encouraged by today’s post. Our God is faithful, abundant, & true! Joyfully His~Jennifer

  2. What a beautiful testimony! You are a person that walks the walk & talks the talk. When I’m around you I feel the
    presence of Jesus through you. Thanking God for the day He came into your life so you could share this with people
    who are hurting. Spread the word Jennifer so ladies will come to know the peace God has for each of us!

    • Hi Linda~
      I sure have missed seeing you in Bible study. Thank you for your reply today. May God’s love carry you in a special way during this season of your life. In His love & mine~Jennifer


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