The Grace Full Woman and Forgiveness

Hey I’m guest posting over at my friend Brandy’s blog Grace Full Wife today. Some of you may be interested in finding out more about my juicy marriage. Well here’s your chance, Haha. No really go on over and find out how to be a grace full wife. Love you guys.



A Grace Full Woman knows she can’t forgive unless Jesus does it through her.

Forgiving someone is one of the most unnatural things a person can do. The natural response is to hold on to the sin committed against us. When a woman has been hurt she may feel betrayed, neglected, alone, degraded, unimportant, disrespected, unloved, devalued, the list could go on and on. If she forgives she will be letting the person off too easily, giving him/her control, letting go of something that has defined her for years or maybe she just doesn’t know where to begin.

These deep feelings can’t be overcome just because she makes a decision to do it. Yes she may be able to “play”, or “pretend” or even believe she’s done it but the truth is unless the Savior does it in her it will crop up over and over again. It won’t be a complete forgiveness.

Forgiveness takes a surrendering on our part. We have to admit we have unforgiveness, even writing about it in a journal is very helpful, write about how you felt about the incident, then tell someone you trust better yet tell God, tell Him everything. Yes He knows all about it but He wants you to share your heart with Him, if your angry at Him He knows, don’t hide it.  Knowing you aren’t capable of forgiving on your own admit that to the Father. Ask Him to do it through you. Surrender the situation and person to Him.  You may be able to do this once or it may take many times. You may even need the guidance of a good Christian counselor.

The Grace Full Woman is willing to give her unforgiving heart to God for it is only through the power of the Holy Spirit inside her that forgiveness will ever come. Forgiveness allows a woman to be full of grace, out pouring with God’s love, because she has truly experienced His overwhelming love and forgiveness herself.



  1. …plus it’s healthier to forgive. I love the saying that unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to get sick. This topic must be a theme today. I saw a powerful video on Tim Challies blog this morning (“Victory in Disgrace”) — WOW:

  2. I agree with you and AmySioux that unforgiveness is so damaging to you physcially and mentally. Forgive whomever so you can be healthy. Forgiveness is not about the OTHER person it’s about you. Let the anger and resentment go and embrace the wonderful things in life.


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