Guest Post Brandy Moon: I Am A Rescue

Hey Everybody! Today I have a special surprise for you. A sweet new friend of mine is guest posting for us . Brandy Moon has experienced God’s grace and has shared it in her testimony here at Grace Full Women. She has her own wonderful blog Grace Full Wife and I know you’ll want to check it out as soon as you read her words of inspiration. (I apologize for the format. I have tried several times to space the paragraphs and it will not do it. So sorry.)
I am a Rescue…
I don’t ever remember a time when I wasn’t saved or didn’t know Jesus. From a very young age I had a tender heart that wanted to love God and enjoyed worshipping Him.
 I think that through the years of naivity, hearing that God was my heavenly father, I began to think of Him as somewhat human. What I mean is, I assumed that when I messed up that God would punish me and treat me just like any human would. My own earthly father loved me, but it wasn’t uncommon to get the silent treatment when you messed up or made him mad. The more times failed (my feelings at the time) the more I felt like God would slowly turn His back until I “got it together”.
You have always heard that He died for your sin, that God is righteous and cannot look at sin, that God turned away from Jesus on the cross because of the sin He was carrying. Well, first I had to
realize that Jesus died for ALL MY SINS before I was born. Not only that, but He says in His word that He will remember them no more, they have been thrown into the Sea of Forgetfulness. That means that even when I stumble, if I am living and abiding in God and God in me, He doesn’t see my sin by choice. My sins have already been forgiven long ago.
I stumbled along my path, I sinned, I lived with a man without being married and I had a baby with him. I was judged. But God knew my heart and redeemed my life before it all. I suffered the earthly consequences of having a child out of wedlock. It was hard, I had to work to support us
instead of being married and sharing the load. I missed a lot of my son’s early years because I was busy filling the role of both parents. On the other hand, God blessed me through my circumstances and has even fulfilled the desires of my heart.
I met my husband almost 5 years ago and I refer to him as my Boaz, my kinsman redeemer. I now have two more beautiful boys, a loving and god-fearing husband, and I get to stay home with my
children.  I never would have thought that possible 8 years ago. I got a second chance to have the family I had always dreamed about. God always hears, knows the desires of our hearts, and loves us more that we can ever imagine!
Brandy Moon
Confessions of a
Crafty Housewife


  1. Love to hear one of Gods Girls share how God has spared them and brought them home. People need to realize that Christians are human, we fall and God redeems us. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Yep me too Darlene. He is wonderful in that way and every way.

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