Momma Memories

I just read a wonderful post by a new bloggy friend at Coming East called Crossing the Bar. It so touched my heart and brought chill bumps to my arms. Today is her sister’s birthday and she wrote a beautiful tribute to Karen. This brought back memories of my precious mother. Oh how I miss her today and every day. She died too young at 62 years of age and I feel she never got to experience a full life here on this earth.

My mom was widowed for several years before she felt like going on with her life. So she rented a small loft in a nearby town in 2003  She was so proud of the little place and spent much time shopping for just the right accessories for decoration. The place was a quaint space and I loved to visit.

About six months after moving in she received the news she had ALS better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Because the disease was terminal with no known cure she chose to leave the sweet little loft and move in with me. The new life she thought she was about to begin took on a very different spin, a down hill spin that would be awful.

In the great scheme of things I suppose there is a reason for everything but somehow I can’t help but wish she had gotten to keep the loft and live happily ever after. My mom deserved happiness after a life time of heartache.

The good news is that she is happy now in heaven and will be for the rest of eternity. All the heartache and pain she experienced here has been forgotten, she never cries, never hurts, never feels guilt or shame and spends time with the Lord Jesus every day. You can’t beat that now can you?

I urge you to check out Coming East. Hurry do it now before you forget. This post is so worth your time. It made my day.



  1. Wow, Julie! How sweet of you to mention my post. The story of your mom made me ache for you. ALS is such an awful disease, and I know it was incredibly painful for you to watch your mother’s downward spiral. We have that in common, though, losing our mothers when I think they were too young to go. My mother was diagnosed with cancer when she was 68 and died ten weeks later. Your mom was the age I am now, and I can tell you I have a lot more living to do! So I know what you mean when you say your mother was too young. I’m sorry that my post triggered sad memories for you, but I love how it made another connection between you and me.

  2. i wept reading your post… oh how much we want to shelter our parents from all the pain.. the way they had when we were kids.. unfortunately i feel we are not able to actually give to them what they really deserve…it breaks my heart…. am going to visit the link NOW…. take care… keep smiling…

  3. Your post shook me a bit – I can’t imagine losing my mom, especially at such a young age. No matter how many years go by, I still feel like a little girl when I’m around my mom. And that is a good thing. I’m so sorry for you loss, but am in awe by your positive spirit.

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