Can You See The Beauty?

Church in Hollywood

I took this in Hollywood. Look at the detail! It is an amazing church. I love to photograph churches. You should see my collection, it grows every year.

This may not be of interest to you but life is full of detail and beauty that I think we walk right by it every day. We are a busy society with all our modern conveniences and those keep us from taking the time to really look at the beauty of the world.

I’m in love with architecture. That’s the reason I photograph buildings old and new. Just look at the beauty of the architecture of this church, it is masterful.

Have a wonderful day and look for the beauty  before you.



  1. Linda Dunaway says:

    I also love pictures of churches. When we travel my husband & I are always on the look-out for a church I can gaze at…or take a picture. I would love to see your collection of pictures of churches. That is a beautiful pink church. Thanks for sharing!

    • Your welcome Linda. I’ll share anytime. I think I’m going to begin posting more pics so my churches will be in there. If you click on the church you can get a look at it up close and see even more detail. It’s awesome.

  2. Thank you for reminding us to be mindful!

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