The Night My Husband Got Shot

The first time I looked after taking off the bandages I
screamed. The only time I had seen a gun shot was on TV and it appeared the
bullet went in and came out leaving only a small hole most the time. But this,
this was not like that! This was muscle, ligaments, and a huge hole. I
screamed, I cussed, and I slapped him. I remember jumping up and down and then
finally crying.

The night before I got a call. “He’s been shot in the leg.”


“He’s been shot in the leg?!”

“Where is he?”

“The ambulance is taking him to the hospital.”

As my brother drove me to the hospital I thought about many
different scenarios. How did it happen? Who did it? Where was he? I couldn’t
imagine my husband lying in an ambulance shot!

When we got to the hospital I went back to the room with
him. His dad was there and the nurse was cleaning out the wound but I couldn’t
see it. I didn’t want to see it, so I stayed back away from the table. The
nurse seemed unsympathetic as she worked. Her large gloved hands weren’t gentle.
It bothered me but the truth was I was angry too.   Inside
I was seething that he had put himself in a situation where this could happen. I
hate guns, anything to do with them. I’ve had at least 5 family members killed
by guns. The thought that my husband was in such danger put me in a wave of

When we were done he sat in the wheelchair waiting on me to
pick him up at the exit door. I pulled up and the nurse helped him in the car.  He told me what type of gun shot him, a 357
Magnum. Since I’m not familiar with guns and bullets I didn’t realize what it
meant when he said the bullets were hollow point.

That night the wound stayed bandaged and he stayed doped up
on pain pills. It wasn’t until the next day that the wound needed cleaning and a
bandage change. I remember it clearly, we were in the bathroom and I unwrapped
it. Remember at this time I’m thinking it looks like something from a cop show
on TV. But when the bandages came off I went into a hysterical panic! He had
been shot in the upper thigh just missing the main artery. A hollow point
bullet takes everything with it as it tears through the flesh so it ripped
through muscle, taking some of it with it; ligaments and raw tissue were
visible. His leg was a huge torn up mess.

After a skin graft, which was almost as painful as the
gunshot, and many months of healing my husband ended up with a pretty bad scar
but he does not even have a limp. I have told him many times that God has saved
his life over and over for a purpose and He did it again that night.

I thank the Lord that the wound was in the leg not to a
major organ, that it missed the artery, and he has no limp. There will also be
a unique story to tell our grandchildren. He says he’s going to tell them he
got it in the war, which he was never in. I say tell them he got bit by a shark.
Which story do you like best?

My life as I know it is an adventure some days and kind of
ho-hum others but as long as I have my God, family, friends and dogs, life is
good here in Georgia.

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Online Network, What Do Women Want?



  1. Pam Lopez says:

    Thank you for sharing Julie. How in the world did THAT HAPPEN???!!?? I would have been terrified AND a WRECK! how scary! But, I’m so thankful to know that he’s okay with no lasting re-percussions of it.

  2. WOW! I would have definitely been freaking out.

    I’m glad he was okay and didn’t have any lasting problems from it. God was definitely protecting him that night.

  3. Unbelievable! So glad that he healed, and hope you healed as well. My husband used to be an undercover cop, and I always worried about him when he was on a stakeout. Thankfully, those years are far behind us. I’m going to go look for that article you just had published.

  4. Wow!! I can’t even imagine. I was definitely on the edge of my seat. Well done!

  5. You left me wanting to know more! But I am glad that he is fine. I bet this can still wake you up at night. The imagery was very unsettling just in the reading of it, let alone the living of it.

    • It was May. I sometimes have a hard time with it but he seems to have gotten over it. I guess when our loved ones get hurt it hurts us worse sometimes than it does them. Hey I tried to post a comment on yur blog yesterday did it go up? I was having trouble.

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