Christian Women’s Online Net. Publishes My Article Today!

Hey I am posting over at Christian Women Online Network today! My article is What Do Women Want? and it’s on the front page! I am so excited to be given this opportunity. I hope you’ll show me some love and pop over and leave comment too, you know how I love ’em! Yes I am using a lot of exclamation points but I really am excited and this is the only way you’ll know that!

You’ve got to stop by and find out what’s going on! You probably already know what women want but come on by and check out my spin on things.  This website is great with many other blogs ( I have one called Juliemooreonlife), forums, articles and resources. Check it out and I’d love it if you’d post the link to your Facebook too.

Have a wonderful day and check out my blogroll today. I got lots of wonderful blogger friends and I know you’ll enjoy reading what they have to say.



  1. Pam Lopez says:

    I’m headed there now! Can’t wait to read Julie! You are “THE BEST!” Love you my friend and sooo proud of you and thrilled for you~ God Bless! Pam

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