Me and Kevin Costner

Still here in California so I’ll tell you about our adventures from yesterday.

We went to  the Chinese Grauman Theater and saw the hand and foot prints of the stars. Of course I had to lay down next to Kevin Costner’s square and have my pic taken. Well a Georgia girl can dream can’t she? It’s the closest I’ll ever get to him.

Lunch was awesome at Hard Rock Cafe. Had the best salad and saw lots of memorabilia.

Then we drove through Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills. Did not see one movie star! I really had hoped to meet one so I could show my talent and maybe become a star too. The Train really wants to retire early and my thought is/was that if I could meet with a star they would have to recognize my star quality and put me in a reality show. I love reality TV. We’d call it  Adventures of A Georgia Girl.

Then we went back to the mansion and spent the night. My brother-in-law’s mother lives here in the mansion and she was so gracious to me. I’ll send pics of the mansion soon.

Alas we are going too my in-laws house in Lake Arrowhead where I will spend my last few days of vacation. I’m really looking forward to it.

Also the weather is fantastic here. It’s been in the high 60’s so I’ve been able to wear jeans everyday. No humidity here like in Georgia. Ideal place for us to retire.

So what do I want you to think about this day? If you could meet a star who would it be? Comment below and let us all know.


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