When God Says “What If…”


He spoke to my heart and said, "What if I said you are beautiful?"

I’m reading a book now called TrueFaced by Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol, and John Lynch. Chapter 2 discusses The Room of Good Intentions and The Room of Grace. In the Room of Good Intentions there is a lot of striving and working to please God and others. Believers are trying to be what they are not, and hiding behind masks. Life is miserable here because these people can’t be themselves. They believe they aren’t accepted unless a certain standard of perfection is met.

The Room of Grace however is the place believers live out of who they are, who God says they are. They believe they are loved, valued and have purpose because Christ has given them new life.

The authors came up with a scenario in which the believers in The Room of Good Intention could know God’s thoughts. So they write a few pages about things God would say to them. I’m going to quote from the book now.

God says,” What if I tell them who they are? What if I take away any element of fear in condemnation, judgement and rejection? What if I tell them I love them, will always love them? That I love them right now no matter what they have done, as much as I love my only Son? That there’s nothing they could do to make my love go away?

What if I tell them there are no lists? What if I tell them I don’t keep a log of past offenses, of how little they pray, of how often they’ve let me down, made promises they don’t keep? What if I tell them they are righteous by my righteousness right now? What if I tell them they can stop beating themselves up? That they can stop being so formal, stiff and jumpy around me? What if I tell them I’m crazy about them?”

I find this absolutely awesome! This makes God so real and personal and the great thing is I believe He really does say these things to me, to us, all the time. Its His way of instilling security in us, security in our relationship with Him. You know, if we would just listen we could hear God’s whisper, He does speak. It may sound crazy that I would suggest we can actually hear Him speak but we as believers have His Spirit inside us and I believe that’s how we hear. The Spirit may speak through the Bible, a pastor, music, a teacher, friend, family member, a book, the options are limitless.

What if God says something to you while you’re striving, working, trying to please Him and others? You might just miss the greatest message of your new believing life. I’ve missed it many times and now that I know He wants to talk to me I listen a little closer.

It may be you haven’t started a believer’s life yet, but want to know this God who has so much love for you. Yes He loves you as much as He loves His only Son too. I encourage you to just ask Him to let you see His love, tell Him you are looking for Him. He will show Himself in one way or another.

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