Need a Daily Devo.? He Sees The Real You and Me

He Sees The Real Me and You

El Roi “The God Who Sees Me”. That’s the name Hagar gave God.

She was banished to the wilderness by Sarai for being obedient to have a baby with Abram and this is the thanks she got. She and her baby were made to leave their home. As they sat alone near a spring of water the Bible says in Genesis 16 “the Angel of the Lord found her.” He must have been looking for the lost, hurt one to have found her. I can hardly believe He just stumbled upon Hagar while taking a stroll one day.

He found her right where she was. Damaged emotionally, hurt physically and mentally, feeling discarded, betrayed. I mean she was made to marry her  mistress’s husband and then sleep with him, have his child then thrown away like garbage and Abram did nothing to protect her.

But then there was El Roi The God who sees me. He saw what happened, he saw what was happening on the inside of her, her heart, her downcast spirit, her low self-esteem. He saw the evil thoughts she had of Sarai and Abram but he came to find her, to save her.

Hagar followed God’s guidance and her son Ishmael grew up to be strong and became a nation of people. Now the nation became trouble to many but God saw to it that she and Ishmael did not die that day in the wilderness. His plan unfolded as He wanted it to.

El Roi The God Who Sees Me sees you to. He sees the real you, the inside you, the hurt you, the worried you, questioning you, low self-esteem you, the prideful you, the beautiful you, the grouchy you and part of you that longs to be closer but can’t seem to get there.

Just as He found Hagar,  God has found you right where you are. As you are reading this He sees you, He’s with you, He loves you more than you can comprehend, He is holding your precious heart and comforting you, guiding you and whispering sweet somethings in your spirit.

El Roi is your God and you are His child. Does that help start your day off with a little hope?


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