I Predict American Idol Winner

I’m just gonna say I TOLD YOU SO! Back in one of the very first blog post I wrote about American Idol this year I predicted Lauren Alaina would win this season. See for yourself here.

From the first time she auditioned I agreed with Steven when he said he thought she was the American Idol. Well we’ll see tomorrow night but if I could make a dollar bet with you I would.

Jimmy worked with her on the last song, which will be the song she records if she wins, “Like My Mother Does.”  And an excellent choice it was. It certainly wrapped it up when Lauren went down to her mother and hugged her, mom crying, Lauren crying and Jennifer practically handing her the win. Jennifer’s comment,” with that song you may have just won.” This is exactly what I told the The Train before the words came out of Jennifer’s mouth.

Be sure and go back and read the other article I wrote at the beginning of the season on Blogher’s site. You’ll see I should be a judge and you should come back and read my accurate reviews next go around.

I love Lauren for her talent, humble heart, cute little dance, nervous habits, and Georgianess. I predict she wins tomorrow night. What do you think?


  1. I love Lauren, too, and am so happy she made it to the final. Both of these two youngsters are going to do well, no matter which one wears the crown. I love Lauren’s freshness, though, and I think she’s just a tad my favorite.

  2. marcialoyd says:

    She didn’t win! 😦 BUT I am sure she is going to be VERY successful!

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