Georgia On My Mind

This post was happily written from a prompt given to us by The Red Dress Club. We were asked to mine for memories and write about games we played when we were younger. Here goes.

The 70’s was a good time to grow up in our quaint little
Georgia town. The word neighbor meant friend and community truly existed among the people.

Every afternoon me, my brother and the neighborhood kids walked home from the bus stop, did our homework then headed outside to play kickball. We set up the bases around the
cul-de-sac and chose teams. Then the game was on!

During the summer our games lasted until after dark so we played by the light of the street lamp in the cul-de-sac.  Who cared if the mosquitos ate us alive? We kept going stopping only for bathroom and Kool-Aid breaks.  KC and the Sunshine Band, Fleetwood Mac, Donna Summer, The Commodores, and Aerosmith kept us company as we played into the night.

Those Georgia nights are forever engrained in my mind. I can
smell the honeysuckles and taste their nectar. I see the lightening bugs
brightening the night. I hear the crickets chirping loudly and the kids
yelling, “Run, go, go, to second!” Memories like these so vivid and clear
remind me that there’s no place like home. And I am thankful once again
to still live in the gorgeous state of Georgia.


  1. I love how you incorporated classic 70’s music into a great memory. I can totally picture you playing the game in a cul de sac or someplace special. By the way, I used to play kickball and it was one of the few outdoor sports I was actually good at. 🙂

    Visiting from TDRC…

    • I loved and stil do love classic rock from the 70’s. Kickball was one of the only things I could do too. I tried softball to no avail though I tried hard. Thanks for coming by.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how we tend to have some of the same memories, no matter what generation we’re from!

    • OMgosh I read you post for today. it is funny how we can have the same memories. We both like Days too! I’m almost 47 so I’m probably close in age to you anyway, you look young girl.

  3. Pam Lopez says:

    Those sure were the “good ole days” weren’t they???? I also have some great “childhood” memories during those years that I will NEVER forget!! And, I’m just so thankful and blessed that God gave me such a wonderful mom and dad and family!! I truly have so much to be thankful for!

  4. I always liked Kick the Can and Spuds. I keep trying to talk my brother into playing kickball for his 30th birthday bash but he’s not up for the idea! Boo!

  5. “The word neighbor meant friend and community truly existed ”

    You set the stage PERfectly for this post. Love it.

  6. This made me sigh and long for my own sweet Georgia nights. I grew up in Georgia and still live here as well, and to me, there’s no better place to be. My friends and I would play till dusk, too….true fun! Those dang mosquitoes could never quell our fun. Nice post! Visiting from TRDC.

  7. I’m a Georgia girl, too. My beef is more with the sand gnats, though. I didn’t care about bugs when I was a kid and playing “Spotlight” outside after dark, though. Love the soundtrack!

    • cool another Georgia girl. We may have to have a blogfest or something if more of us Georgia bloggers keep popping up. YEAH 70’s classic rock is till some of my favorite music.

  8. Kickball! Night games! Crickets! Really, really sweet soul soothing stuff that I want so much for my own kids!

    • I know it’s that stuff that brings me to tears sometimes. Both my parents are gonenow so those memories are bittersweet. My kids didnt get as much of that kind of thing as I would have liked but there’s always grandkids.

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