How Will American Idol End Tonight?

Will my all time fav Georgia Girl Lauren Alaina remain tonight after the results show? After watching her performances last night I have to say I only loved ‘I Hope You Dance’ and it was incredible. This was Randy and Jennifer’s pick for the night, with Steven going with Haley’s ‘You Oughta Know’.

Lauren was much more confident I believe after taking super star Beyoncé’s advice about doing some self-talk before going on stage. She was beautiful in her teal blue to the floor dress as she sang the song of the night.

Scotty was impressive in every song he sang, but ‘She Believes In Me’ an oldie by Kenny Rogers, was a show stopper for me. He performed the song in his own style and brought it up to date. I can hear his recording of it on the radio now.

Haley sang Stevie Nicks ‘Rhiannon’ and her stage presence was great because a wind machine was blowing her dress and hair, the atmosphere was dark and mysterious so it was interesting. It was an ok performance. I liked ‘You Oughta Know’ better and her raspiness really came out at the end.

Of course I prefer Haley go home, Lauren and Scotty have been my picks from the first time I saw them try out. I am honestly shocked two of the youngest contestants have come this far.

I want Haley to go home but because the votes will be split for the country vote I don’t know if she will or not. She’s a great singer but not my fave.

So what do you think? Haley, Scotty or Lauren leaving.


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