Survivor Part 2: Harsh Words and Secrets Revealed

Rob comments that he has to find a way to convince the jury to give him a million dollars even after his wife Amber won a million in another season. Well we’ll see how he handles it. Everybody can use 2 million dollars, right?

Phillip burned his faded red tightie whitey undies and said, “I never was proud to wear my plum-colored underwear.” You could have fooled me.

The final 3 face the jury and their questions.

Natalie gave her statement and basically she admitted she rode to the top on Rob’s coat tails. Mistake.

Phillip said he did the same because Rob was the Master Mind but he (Phillip) implemented the plans.

Rob talked about strategy and doing what he needed to do and playing the game and making alliances, and doing it for his family, etc. His answer was very well thought out.

Julie asks if Nat thinks her mother would be proud of the way she played the game with Rob? The if Phillip thinks his son will be proud of the way he played the game? Finally she suggested Rob teach his girls not to treat women the way he has treated the women on Survivor.

Ashley told Phillip she had no questions for him but wanted to tell him something and he need not reply, to which he retorted, “I will if I want to.”She said,” I’ve learned patience because I had to since being with you was so torturous Phillip.”

“Rob you have deceived a lot of people and I don’t know who you are.”

Andrea with look of disgust told Phillip,”You are weird. Who is the real Phillip?”
To which he replied,”I’m Phillip Shepherd.”

Ralph told Nat it seemed she couldn’t do anything for herself and asked Phillip if he really liked him.
“Yes. I like your work ethic and you are a hard worker,”

Matt’s turn. “Rob you are manipulating, deceiving, a liar, where is the line drawn? The people you betrayed are having a hard time knowing who you really are.”

Mike asked them what they had learned. Nat learned she is strong, confident and appreciated family.
Rob has learned he doesn’t want to play games anymore.
Phillip learned he can stand on his own as an outcast.

This is the most mind-blowing thing of whole night for me and The Train.
Steve came up and congratulated Nat and Rob for playing such good games. But this is what he said to Phillip, “I’m sorry for who you are, who you’ve grown into, you are shameful and a sorry man.” Now I didn’t like Phillip too much but this was completely uncalled for. I know they had words and arguments but this totally insulted the man’s character and everything personal about him. This was wrong.

David told the jury to vote for Rob and in the end they DiD! Yes Boston Rob finally won Survivor. Hooray, Hooray, now I can finally celebrate. I’m so glad he and Amber won another million.

Seriously he did play a good game. I don’t like the way he gave up all integrity to do it but that’s what it took for him to win I guess.

At the reunion it was revealed that Phillip really is a secret agent, Russell will return if asked, Matt and Andrea do not at this time have a romance going on and Grant is married now.
Who do you think won the Sprint 100,00 dollar award? Of course it was Rob!

This season’s Survivor was a great time and I look forward to the next.
What was your favorite part about this season?


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