Survivor May11th- Rob Stabs His Besty in the Back

Andrea shows up on Redemption with Matt, Ralph, and Mike. She pleads her case to Matt telling him why her team voted her off. He didn’t seem to fall for her cunning charm this time. Thank goodness! As much as I don’t like the way she treated Matt I also didn’t agree with the men making her sleep on the ground while they slept a little more comfy. This Georgia girl (me) is usually treated with more respect.

When the Ometepe tribe came to watch the duel Andrea began to cry when Jeff asked her if she felt betrayed by her tribe. She did. Poor thing, I wish I had some tears for her too.

During the duel Ralph lost and was sent to the jury house after 33 days of fighting to win one million dollars.

Back at camp the tribe is getting hungry and discusses that maybe they don’t have enough rice to last until the end. Phillip however thinks since some of them will be leaving in a few days there will be plenty. Then we see him in the bunk with Nat and Ash telling them they don’t need as much rice as the men so they should eat less. Of course this begins an argument. Phillip goes off on one of his tangents and the girls walk off.

Pardon me for questioning Captain Rob but why is Phillip still there? He and his faded red undies have just about worn out their welcome I think.

So Rob has made the decision to vote Ashley off when they go to tribal council. He feels she and Natalie are getting to close. Unfortunately this plan goes in the toilet when Ashley wins the challenge. Oops, who will HE choose now?

There is discussion among the tribe of sending Grant or Natalie to RI, both Rob has promised to take with him all the way to the end. Of course he’ll back stab somebody. Who gets the knife this week?

Well as much as I like the personal interviews of the contestants it really is obnoxious when Rob talks. Tonight we got the joy of listening to him boast of all the power he has over the tribe. “If I want Grant to go, he’ll go, if I want Natalie to go, she’ll go.” All this and more with a great big smile on his face.

Rob’s besty Grant gets the boot. Yep the one he is taking all the way to the end

Jeff reveals that someone will return to the tribe soon. Who will it be? I’m betting its Matt. Yes I’m still rooting for him to win especially since he didn’t fall for Andrea’s beauty and charm once again.

Still I wonder why not Phillip?



  1. I love Rob, but he’s definitely on an out-of-control power trip. He’s keeping Phillip around because Phillip’s obnoxious and Rob knows that he can beat him in the final two. We’re also seeing what the producer/editor wants us to see. We don’t know everything that’s going on behind the scenes.

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