Survivor May 4th: Mike “Loves His Neighbors”

Love from home showed up on video tonight. As each one listened to the message from their loved one the tears were plentiful.

Back on Redemption Island matt, Mike, Ralph and Steve also watched videos of their family members. The winner of the duel would win time with his loved one. After a game of toss the bag/break the tile Mike came out the champ. His mother came out of the trees but only came part way. He was given a choice to 1- let Matt and Ralph have time with their loved ones and forfeit his own 2- give the Ometepe tribe time with their loved ones and give up his own with his mother and forfeit Matt and Ralph’s special moments with their visitors.

You’ll never guess what he chose? Yep, he gave the Backstabber/Blindsider Tribe the reward. His reasoning behind such a sacrifice was that he had read the Bible that day and Jesus said love your neighbor as yourself. So he “loved” his enemy by giving them this reward. Wow, what a guy!

Later as he, Matt and Ralph went back to R.I. his two island mates agreed they could not have done such a nice thing for the people who had treated them so badly. Ralph eluded that Mike did it to get votes for the jury should he make it to the end. Mike said God told him to do it and that it was not a strategic move but if it helped in the end that was good.

Of course The Train in all his compassion thinks Mike is an idiot. And just a few minutes before he was rooting for him to win the duel, now he hopes he loses. The Train sees this move as a huge mistake that will probably not pay off at the end and I think I agree, but you never know.

At the immunity challenge Rob won again for the second week in a row, but at the end he was physically exhausted to the point of needing help to stand up.

Back at the camp Phillip starts his craziness again but says to the camera that he has to do this once in a while to keep the tribe convinced he could not win if he went to the end. I’m not so sure he is not truly just a little off but we’ll see soon enough.

During tribal council Phillip boasted that when he was in the army over 1500 men could never out do him in anything. He also said that the tribe viewed him as “the Senior Statesman”. Ok, if you say so Phillip, but I saw them rolling their eyes as you made this statement.

In the end Andrea was blindsided and voted off much to her complete surprise, as she had just stated that she believed she was safe. I really was trying to squeeze out a tear on her behalf but I just couldn’t. Unfortunately after she betrayed Matt twice I just don’t favor her too much. So off she went to R.I. We’ll see how she and Matt get along next week. Will they rekindle their romance or will Matt keep his brains?

Julie also writes about God’s love and grace that changed her life. Grace Full Women


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