There’s A Reason I Like Reality Television

Okay so I’m a reality TV fanatic. I’ve tried to figure this one out and all I can come up with is that i like real life more than something fake. However I do still watch Days Of Our Lives because a 40 year habit is hard to break.

My reality Tv schedule begins on Monday with Dancing With The Stars. This season I am rooting for the Karate Kid Ralph Macchio or Kirstie Alley. I like them both because they are older than I am and I would never get up there and attempt what they are doing. Kudos to the old folks, and they are some of the best in the competition.

Tuesday is the DWTS vote off and as of last week I have added The Voice to this night of bliss. This is a great show with some of the best singing mentors of the last 10 years. They keep their backs to the contestants while the person sings, and if they want to coach the singer they turn their chairs around. It gets exciting when the chairs start turning and heartbreaking when they don’t. The contestant chooses the coach he/she wants to work with and joins the team. There will be more to the show than this so tune in if you’re in to this kind of thing.

Wednesday The Train and I settle down by 8:30 to start our favorite Survivor Redemption Island. If you read my blog you know I have a grudge against Boston Rob and truly hope Matt Elrod gets off Redemption Island to beat him in the end. I predict Matt will win one million dollars.

Also on Wednesday comes American Idol for my viewing pleasure. The Train rarely watches this anymore. Singing just isn’t his thing, whether he’s watching it or trying to hum a few bars himself. So I tune in alone for this one. I am torn between Lauren and James as my pick for the winner of this competition. I love Lauren because she’s a Southern Belle from Georgia and a great 16 year old country singer. James is an awesome rocker with talent to be compared to Steven Tyler himself. In fact Steven promised to do a duet with James if he wins. James is a fav for a few reasons, first he has mad crazy skills (says Randy) I agree, he is a father of a sweet little boy and he has Torrets Syndrome. When he sings you’d never know he has Torrets, not one sign of it. This reality show is on fire even without Simon and encourages the contestants to improve at every level, no snide, crude remarks.

Thursday night brings the vote off on American Idol. I hate this night because I like every contestant. Each one brings something unique to the stage. I’d have a hard time voting any of them off and it’s hard to see any one of them leave.
Yes I get attached to the people on these shows.

Why do I like reality TV? I’m a people person. I love to see real life. Watching people live and how they handle things interest me. I like to feel with them. Does that make sense? I love to laugh, cry and celebrate with them whether on TV or in person. People are important to me.

Well I don’t have anything in the way of Reality television Friday – Sunday. Any suggestions?

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  1. I have to say I don’t follow your love for reality t.v., however I did try it for a while with some stuff from MTV and then a survivor series or two and I tried Idol once but just can’t get into it. So much of the reality t.v. isn’t reality, at least not in the sense that you and I live every day. They prep them and tell them which angle to approach before filming and it makes it so hard for me to believe its 100% real.

    Anyways, great writing and I love reading your blog posts! Keep on.

  2. I love reality shows too but mine are the House Wives in ALL the cities (except Miami – I said no to that one) and Bethany Ever After. I love the Kardashian’s and all their spin off shows. I get bored with American Idol – this season I might have watched 2 episodes and I only watched the 1st & 2nd shows of Survior. I do like to watch Wipe-Out and listen to the guys comment on every move the contestants do. I love the Big Red Balls! Too funny. My husband hates reality shows and can’t understand my fasination with them – I wonder if it’s a girl thing?

    • I used to think so until hub got to liking some of them. He always said he hated them until I got him interested in Big Brother. Then I slipped in Survivor and now he watches DWTS and swears every Monday that he’s not going to watch it but does anyway. He does not like American Idol, except the occasional bad word from Steven Tyler. When Big Brother starts again he’ll be glued.

  3. I’ve tried it a couple of times and either hated it because of the mean spirted competition, or got hooked (DWTS) and found myself spending too much time watching. My husband and I watched Amazing Race for a few seasons until it all started seeming the same ol’ stuff. The girls in our worship band watch American Idol and when they start talking about it a lot (usually toward the end) I might tune in for some finals. Mostly, I’d rather read, and I’m still behind on that! (Plus catching up on great blog posts this week!)

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