Never Too Old To Say “I Do”

Wedding cake made from scratch by my neice Irene.

Yesterday my father-in-law got married. He and his bride, both in their 70’s, held hands and promised to love each other until death do them part. The pastor said something during the ceremony I really related to, “God is a God of second chances.” My father-in-law and his new wife have been given another chance to live the rest of their lives happily ever after. I am thankful they have each other. No one needs to be alone.

One of my selfish prayers for myself is that I be given the chance to grow old with The Train. I have visions of us playing with our grandchildren, traveling together, and watching our favorite shows til we are in our 90’s. Oh what a special blessing it would be if God would grant this prayer.

I anticipated this wedding to be hard emotionally on the family and it was on some. We all miss my precious mother-in-law so much. I guess at first in a way it felt like she was being replaced but it wasn’t like that at all when the time actually came. The day was full of joy, laughter, smiles, hugs, reminiscing, good food, love, pictures and wonderful memories. God took care of everything and everybody.

I met new relatives and got to see visiting relatives, specifically my nephew and his beautiful wife and kids. The Train’s family is my family as I have been a part of them for 32 years and I love them more every day. His mother was my “Naomi”. I truly would have followed her anywhere just as Ruth did in the story from the Bible. My father-in-law has helped to fill the emptiness I felt from the loss of my dad. God provides everything we need when we depend on Him to do it.

A funny thing was going on during the ceremony unbeknownst to those of us watching. My father-in-law has a hard time standing for long periods of time and the pastor was getting a little long winded. Dad started to wobble from front to back and The Train, who was standing behind him, had to lean in and let his dad rest against his stomach. Try to picture this now. Well it’s funny to me…

I read a blog by an expert blogger. He said readers aren’t interested in the blogger so don’t write about yourself. Sorry I just broke that rule. Hope it didn’t bore you too much.

Anyway, have you been given a second chance at life? Care to share?



  1. I have to disagree…I LOVE hearing personal stories about my fellow bloggers and this one “takes the cake” (no pun intended. Ok, yes, pun intended.) I LOVE that! How very very very precious – both the wedding and The Trains tummy.:)

  2. Just beautiful, Julie! I’m glad you wrote about it. And my selfish prayer is the same as yours (except for with my own hubby of course! 😉

  3. So glad things so well for all of you!

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