I’m In California

I’m in California visiting my sister-in-law and her husband. I’ve been here since about 12:30 pm and already have had a great time. First thing off the plane we went to a Cajun festival in Simi Valley where we met up with some of their friends. The festival was filled with music, food and booths with lots […]

When God Says “What If…”

  I’m reading a book now called TrueFaced by Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol, and John Lynch. Chapter 2 discusses The Room of Good Intentions and The Room of Grace. In the Room of Good Intentions there is a lot of striving and working to please God and others. Believers are trying to be what they are not, […]

Memorial Day Tribute by Julie/ From Such A Hell

This is a repost from last year but it touches my heart every time. Al died this year at the age of  90. I was heartbroken for his precious wife Flo.   I spoke with an 89 year old man this week. His life has been inspiring to others and quite an experience for him. He and his […]

I Never Left Her

I wrote this as a prompt from The Red Dress Club. Write a short piece 600 words or less beginning with This was absolutely the last time and ending with She was wrong.     This was absolutely the last time I would pick her up. I tell myself this every time.  My stomach knotted […]

Need a Daily Devo.? He Sees The Real You and Me

He Sees The Real Me and You El Roi “The God Who Sees Me”. That’s the name Hagar gave God. She was banished to the wilderness by Sarai for being obedient to have a baby with Abram and this is the thanks she got. She and her baby were made to leave their home. As they sat alone near […]

I Predict American Idol Winner

I’m just gonna say I TOLD YOU SO! Back in one of the very first blog post I wrote about American Idol this year I predicted Lauren Alaina would win this season. See for yourself here. From the first time she auditioned I agreed with Steven when he said he thought she was the American Idol. […]

Georgia On My Mind

This post was happily written from a prompt given to us by The Red Dress Club. We were asked to mine for memories and write about games we played when we were younger. Here goes. The 70’s was a good time to grow up in our quaint little Georgia town. The word neighbor meant friend and […]

Lazyboy, Lola and My Laptop

This was written from a prompt given by The Red Dress Club  about Slothfulness. Although I look around and see all that needs to be done I continue to sit here in this chair, this big, brown, leather Lazyboy. Beside me is my companion Lola, a 53 pound English Bulldog, and resting comfortably on my wrapped […]

Devotional: You Love Me Anyway

I heard this song again today on the radio. All of it is great but these words written below broke my heart. After it was over I began to think about the thorn I had placed in His crown, the nail I had put in His wrist. And my Father just gave some much needed reassurance, a […]

How Will American Idol End Tonight?

Will my all time fav Georgia Girl Lauren Alaina remain tonight after the results show? After watching her performances last night I have to say I only loved ‘I Hope You Dance’ and it was incredible. This was Randy and Jennifer’s pick for the night, with Steven going with Haley’s ‘You Oughta Know’. Lauren was […]