My First Post On Grace Full Women

My first post on Grace Full Women is very exciting for me. This ministry may touch one woman or it may touch the lives of hundreds of women but I believe I am writing this out of a calling from God. I dedicate this website to Him. It is for His glory and honor. May every […]

Survivor Redemption: Not Again! Poor Matt!

Matt won 6 challenges while on Redemption Island and got the chance to come back to camp. Boston Rob got a little “paranoid” when he saw Matt, Andrea and Mike were reading the Bible together. He said he didn’t have anything against God, just a group forming for whatever reason. I think he just doesn’t […]

Is It Okay To Question God?

If God were sitting right beside you now, on the couch, the bed, in a chair or in the kitchen on a bar stool watching you cook, what would you talk to Him about? Would you ask Him questions about world peace and if or when it will come? How about the Japan earthquake and […]

Identity Thief: Will You Let Him Keep Stealing From You?

Do you get your identity from others? It’s a thoughtful question isn’t it? Think about it. When someone says something about you that is negative, such as, you’re stupid, you can’t succeed at that, you are such a loser, you’ll never make anything of yourself, when a lie comes out of another’s mouth about you […]

Why I Keep Staying on the Weight Loss Journey

So I have to give an update of my journey to health. 1- Last week I ate much healthier than the week before, but didn’t lose any weight. 2- I feel on days like today I kind of balanced things out when I ate 3 homemade cookies for lunch, then a small bowl of beanie […]

Does God Punish Sin?

Steve McVey is a favorite of mine. Tell me what you think of his teaching on God’s punishment of sin. Is it much different than what you believe? Check out Steve McVey’s website at

Do You Believe In Guardian Angels?

Yesterday MM had a fender bender, well it was more than that actually. He rear ended another car and smashed it up pretty bad but I literally thank God no one was hurt. Here’s the part that I am praising the Lord about… MM seldom wears his seatbelt for reasons known only to him. Yesterday […]