Hugs from Me To Few Of My Friends

I’m so relieved that I have a chance to experience life differently than I ever have before. I love my life right now the way it is. Of course there are things that cause stress, a little anxiety and occasional sadness but I’m at a place of contentment.

This morning just for a second I felt just a tiny bit guilty that I was happy and blessed. I said to God,” With all the unhappiness around me, tornado devastation, friends in pain, sickness, why do I feel joy? Shouldn’t I be down and out?” So I thought well I guess it’s not right to have so much joy today and I’ll tone it down. I do hurt for people, my compassion level is out the roof, but today my heart feels happy.

Then of course He spoke, not verbally but “heartily”, ” You go on and be happy, I came to give you abundant life here, today, and I want you to live in that now. Don’t feel guilty for having the joy that I give you. Take it and give it to others.” I gave Him a “heartily” hug and He gave me mine so I’m off for the day.

Special joy and hugs going out to a few of my friends today: Amy from American Christian, Dee, Nancy, Kristi-lightfromthehill, Sherry- sis, Pam L, Jennifer J., Barbara, Michelle, Mary, Melinda and Beth- GodSpa, Debi- 24atheart, Pam M,Teri, and my girls at Christian Women’s Center- I love you. I hope you’ll all take these hugs and some of this joy and pass it along


  1. Thank you and I’m hugging you back!

  2. Ahhhh, thank you Julie. You have no idea how I need that hug today!!

    By the way – keep us in prayer. Just heard a weather prediction of more strong, severe storms for the area Sat night/Sun. Be in agreement that the atmosphere lines up for Peace, calm and that the predictions must bow to the name of Jesus!

  3. Pam Lopez says:

    Thank you Julie!! I’m “LOVING YOU” right back!!!! There are nooo words to express how thankful I am for you…..Love you Julie! ❤

  4. Thank you, dear friend. Hugs are always welcomed! Hope you have a great weekend.

  5. Hug gratefully and happily accepted and one right back atcha! Thanks for making my afternoon!

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