Survivor:Matt’s Testimony About God Has An Impact

Survivor was not quite so interesting tonight as last week. Phillip found his swim trunks thanks to a vision he received from his grandfather. (eyes rolling back in head)

On Redemption Island Matt seems to be having a hard time and begins to cry as he prays. He says he’ll stay if it’s God’s will but if not he’s ready to leave. I guess after 21 days on Redemption he is getting weary.

Julie and Mike have joined him and it seems his faith has made an impact on Julie. After the challenge between the three she lost and was sent to join David on the jury. Before she left she shared that she was trying to win to get her house out of foreclosure and to make a better life for her kids. It was refreshing for me to hear that Matt’s testimony of God’s work in his life had helped her in some way. Julie said when she gets back she’ll begin looking for a church.

Jeff said after Matt’s win that maybe God wasn’t finished with him yet and he agreed with a smile. Many have ridiculed Matt for praying and talking so much about God’s will for his life but a relationship with the Lord is a daily thing and it involves letting Him be involved in everything, even Survivor.

When everyone got back to camp Andrea expressed that she felt sorry for Matt. She felt guilty for being a part of putting him on RI. Well no doubt this did not set well with Rob and Andrea was next on his hit list.

At the immunity challenge Grant won along with a reward of a giant chocolate cake which he shared with Rob and Andrea. They were given a box after the challenge and told this would add a twist to the game.

Back at camp again Rob instructed his puppets how to vote. Andrea needed to go but Ralph would go first, in the event the ‘twist” was to vote someone else off it would be Andrea. Then he found out Steve attempted to turn his own team members against him so Rob decided it would be Steve.

So off to tribal council they went. Ralph was first , then sure enough after another immunity challenge, which Rob won, Steve was voted off. They both joined Matt on Redemption Island.

I’m still hoping it will come down to Matt and Rob. Come on somebody tell me what you think.


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