My Top 10 Irritations: Well for Today Anyway

In No Certain Order

1-Empty Milk Carton put back in the refrigerator. I want some cereal, get the bowl out, put the cereal in it, even get the spoon out then when I reach for the milk the carton it is empty. My response: I search the house for the culprit and for the hundredth time tell him how much I wanted some cereal only to find out there was no milk. Then send him to the store to get milk.

2- The car behind me beeping when the light turns green before I have had a chance to put my foot on the gas pedal. My response beep back! I know this isn’t the right thing to do but I am still working on giving grace to others. Please bear with me.

3- Waiting in the doctor’s office for 45 minutes only to go back to the room to wait another 30 minutes before the doctor comes in. I know I look pitifully sick and as if maybe I don’t have a life but really I do, so don’t hold me here for this long.

4- If I’m talking to someone on the phone and she/he is busy on the computer or doing some other fascinating thing that is more interesting than talking to me. Here’s what I think: Just tell me you need to call me back later because you have something else to do now or better yet just let the phone go to voicemail and I’ll leave a message. You can call me back later when you have time to carry on a conversation with me. This lets me know I’m almost as important as that television show you have poured yourself into. I promise to do the same for you.

5- If I have eaten healthy all week, drank water, even exercised a few times, I mean really made an effort don’t have the nerve to tell me I haven’t lost any weight! My response may be to pick you up and break you the next time I stand on you Mr. Scale.

6- When I go to a restaurant and receive my order incomplete, please complete it before I finish the rest of my meal. I came there hungry and I would wait but I can’t so I take a bite here and a bite there, then my food is gone before I know it. It would have been better with the broccolli. My response: the tip would have been 20%. Sorry still learning that grace thing.

7- If you tell me you are going to do something I just want you to do it, unless you are gravely sick or something. I get my hopes up (when will I learn) and then I get let down. That’s what I get for putting my hope in mankind huh? Really though shouldn’t I be able to have expectations of some people? If you’ll come through for me, I’ll come through for you if it is at all possible.. Well I usually try to come through anyway.

8- A recent irritation is that Lola eats everything in sight. Vacuum cleaner bags, the molding around the windows, food from the pantry, stuffing out of a pillow…. The most aggravating thing is that she eats my books! My books, my prized possessions, the covers are torn off, pages ripped out etc. Yes I have taken precautions and began putting them up higher, and building blockades around the bottom shelves. However this a new thing for her. Anybody got any ideas why she had begun doing this all of a sudden? My response is to be angry and walk around talking to myself about how mad I am about what my dog is doing to me.

9- I don’t like it when someone has to be right all the time. It’s so sad when a person can’t just except that he/she can be wrrrrrrong sometimes. My response to this: I will have my opinion but I will be tactful about giving it. There are times I will let you believe you are right when I don’t feel like a debate, but inside I still know you are wrong.

10- I’m not too happy when my blog posts don’t get any comments. I know people just read and not many comment but this bothers me. I want to know what people think. I like to discuss, debate, and converse. I had a post get over 1500 reads over at My Ex-Life BlogHer one time and not one comment. Now really I had to wonder is this post any good? Why are they reading it? If it’s good why aren’t they commenting? My response: I will comment on your posts when I enjoy it, when it causes me to think, when I agree or disagree, just because I like to get to know others in the bloggy world.

Sounds like I’m in a bad mood today, huh? Not really just wanted to get some stuff out on “paper”.

What is one thing that irritates you?


  1. Julie, I hope you are feeling better now!:) I know exactly how you feel and that’s why I love blogging!:) Err, I think you meant to say when the light turns green before you have a chance to step on the gas pedal! hehehe!
    Have a great week, my friend!

    Love and Blessings,

  2. Julie,
    I miss seeing your beautiful smiling face. I do read and enjoy every one of your post.

    I love this post I can so relate to everyone of your 10 , and give you ten more.

    One thing that irritates me is lazy people. They watch you work, stand there with hands on hip talk to you then after you have busted you tail for hours say “is there anything you need me to help you with?” Really you just ask me that after you have seen me scrub toilets, sweep, clean counters, mow grass and mop floors, now you ofter to help.

    Have a great evening Julie
    Love ya

  3. I can relate to a lot of these! One thing that irritates me is people who tell me the same thing over again. Even AFTER I’ve reminded them that they’ve told me that before… I give grace to my 80+ year old mom, but not so much to my friends. This sometimes causes me to be the culprit in #4. 😉

    • Unfortunately I am probaly one of those people who repeats myself but just if i don’t get a response of if I think someone doesn’t get what I’m saying.

      • Nah…. these are long, drawn out stories about work or the latest soap opera on the home front. Just rambling. I need to come up with a better response… 🙂

  4. Pam Lopez says:

    Thank you for your post Julie!! I always love reading what you have written. I have to say that while I was reading your list of things that “really get under your skin,” I could feel my blood kinda starting to boil too! LOL…You came up with some great things. I have to say that I’m not very “original,” well, at least tonight.
    But, I have to say that I kinda liked your #7 where others tell you that they are going to do something and they don’t do it. I actually had something like that happen to me yesterday. I had a friend tell me that they were going to come to the hospice to visit me where my grandmother is at the moment. They even said that they were “almost here” and NEVER SHOWED UP!!
    The person said that they were “on their way,” and I really got my hopes up and was looking forward to them coming, but they never did. In fact, the message that I received later made me realize that they never had any intentions of coming. I was very very disappointed.
    Thank you for sharing your posts and your heart with us Julie!! Love you sweet friend!

  5. JULIE! I had to laugh at the milk thing…and the car honking at you. (I’m not laughing at you, just near you.) My children constantly put empty cereal boxes back in the pantry and just yesterday I got honked at because I didn’t move fast enough when the light turned green. (I must say grace is not always my strong suit either because I purposely drove as slow as possible through the intersection just to be annoying!) Hang in there, hopefully the rest of your week got better.

    – Emily

  6. OMG! I love to hear you talk like this, you are so funny! I don’t realize how funny you are because we are always so serious much of the time. I love them all but #9 is hysterical! I so know you do this to me. And #2 is so like you – you’re not in a hurry and I would be the one honking at you! Who honks at the person BEHIND THEM? OMG – I can hardly type because I’m laughing so hard. I accidentally honked at my step-sister the other day! She couldn’t have recognized me – I’m hoping but I know Abby will rat me out. Abby always says “You’re going to end up honking at one of your friends one day” and the other day she said “See, I told you. That’s karma.”
    I love your posts! Keep up the good work!

  7. Oh, I love the picture of that precious puppy. Is that another one of yours? If so bring her Tuesday to BS.

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