Does the Sun Rise So I’ll Remember the Son Rose?

I wonder if the sun rises to remind us of the Son rising. I know the sunrise began thousands of years before the Son rose but maybe God had it planned that way knowing we would need a daily reminder of the sacrifice His Son made for the world. Not that we think of Jesus when we see the sun rise, not that we think of His great sacrifice even daily. Do we?

Oh how I want this next year to be different for me. How I want to be desperate to remember every day how much my Father loves me, how much He gave up in order for me to be with Him. How is it possible that I could even let anything come before Him in my life?

Oh Father let Your Spirit make me desperate to be with You every day. Put an urgency in my spirit to know You more. Open my eyes to those daily reminders You set before me, those beautiful signs that You love me. Thank You for this day, the day set aside to remember Jesus. The one day of the year Christians come together to celebrate the death, burial and RESURRECTION of Your Son. But I don’t want it to just be one day for me, I want to wake up thinking about Your mercy, grace and love every day. If this is my mind-set how could I help but let You live in and through me so others can know Your love too. Praise You and may all glory, and honor be given to You Father.  In Jesus Precious Name, Amen

What about you, is Easter the only day the resurrection of Christ seems important to remember? Would you like things to change between you and the Father? Just ask and He’ll answer.

I really, really want to know what you're thinking so leave a comment.

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