Survivor’s Phillip Loses His Cool

The “star” of Survivor this week was the infamous Phillip. He kept the camp talking with his rantings and ravings. When Ometepe’s rice became infested with mildew and maggots Phillip wanted to put the good rice in the can with Zap’s rice. Steve protested and said when Ralph returned he would speak with him about it. However Phillip insisted it be done right then which caused an argument between he and Steve. Steve proceeded to call Phillip “crazy” which meant the “N” word according to the former Secret Agent. The rice incident became a racial incident. Although Steve said he in no way meant it that way Phillip still believes Steve thinks he is superior to him. He also stated that, “a lot of black men self destruct”, speaking of when they are drove to such anger. Wow! A rice war!

In the mean time Matt, Mike and David ponder what the plans are for them. Matt has prayed and sought God’s will and believes if he wins the duel he is meant to stay and fight for the win.

When the day of the duel finally arrives the three competitors compete with all the tribal members watching. The challenge was to build a tower 8 ft. tall and the first two to complete their towers stayed in the game with the last to finish leaving the game to become the first member of the jury. David lost against his hopes of staying around to win the million.

Phillip wore a new uniform tonight as he practiced karate, jujitsu or whatever it is he does on the beach. The attractive attire consisted of his droopy faded red tighty whitey undies with a loin cloth for a little color. On his head he still wore the headband with the hawk feather attached.

While Phillip is gone and his swim trunks are on the clothes line drying Julie takes the trunks and buries them. Phillip accuses Steve and ends up going to tribal council in his undies. Of course Jeff questions this and Phillip accuses Steve again and the racial rice story comes out. Jeff plays peacemaker and smoothed it over just a bit.

Julie admits to hiding the trunks and then gets voted off to leave for Redemption Island. As she leaves she remarks to Phillip, “I guess you’ll never find your trunks now.”

Interesting night on the Island. Still rooting for Matt to beat Rob out of a million dollars at the end. Yeah he is a Christian and he prays and talks about God a lot. I guess this turns some people off but this is one thing I really like about him.

Okay let’s take a vote now. Who do you think will be in the top 3? My pick Matt, Rob and Andrea.

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